The time has come. The time for me to write my C0DA.

And actually start the blog.

So first thing you have to know about, is that my C0DA covers not only TES, but also other games. Pretty much any games I have played and decided to fit them there. And they are all in the same universe. How is that possible? We know that Nirn is not Earth, but ordinary people doesn't nececarily have to be able to get to the other games worlds, right?

This can be done thanks to DWEM. DWEM is the power, which can be achieved, by realising, that universe is divided to many different world. We know those worlds as games. And so, thanks to this power, you can teleport to different games, and also travel in their time and space. If you can travel to a different game, then travelling through its time and space is a very easy task.

You could teleport out of a prison cell, get your stuff, and travel to the future, when nobody cares about your escape anymore. What can be the uses of this power for you? In this way, you can play in skyrim as a character from oblivion, even after those 200 in game years.

Now I would want to tell something about the characters. The character is Gordon Freemer, a high elf from Summerset Isles. His grandfather, Morgan Freemer, traveled around the tamriel, and got imprisoned in Cyrodill. Then, he was released in Vvardenfell, to do a special task for the Emperor. This means what you think it means, grandfather of Gordon Freemer was Nerevarine. How could Gordon beat fame of his grandfather? By happening to be the Dragonborn, that's the only way. However as a character, he is quite unusual, especially considering who usually players are.

He is Thalmor spy.

Does that affect the beginning of the Skyrim?

Only the background. He didn't try to illegally cross the border, he was supposed to look after Ulfric, without the second knowing about it of course. And so he "accidently" got caught by the imperials after which coincidently happened to be sitting next to Ulfric. So was in helgen, standing next to Ulfric, ready with the plan of messing up the execution.

You probably know what happened later.

If I happen to get a good microphone (and courage) you will be able to watch this and later adventures in that universe as a youtube series called Freemer's Mind (if comments won't complain too much about large similarity to the name Freeman's Mind, check it out btw, it's awesome).

But for now, this is my C0DA, and my first blog post.