• Gray Xephyr

    Dwemer theories...

    December 28, 2011 by Gray Xephyr

    I feel a lot like Calcelmo in Markarth right now, it's kinda dumb. But today, I was going through Nchuand-Zel to do the quest to find those dead adventurers. Those deactivated Centurions scared the crap out of me. But that's beyond the point.

    I had just killed a Dwemer Sphere, and searched it, and noticed how often you would find soul gems as loot from them. I also realized that Soul Gems themselves were quite common among the Dwemer Ruins. Since I check the wiki periodically for no reason other than to learn the lore of a game I love, I stumbled across an article where it stated that you could MINE Soul Gems in Blackreach.

    Now consider this if you haven't already figured out what I'm getting to or figured it out before I ever posted this, i…

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