Hype is what you get when you dont know what you're going to get. Its the imagination and hope of those affected in play filling the gaps with projections of what they aim to do when the game comes out. Suffice to say there's a heap in Skyrim that we dont know about, and thus there is a feckload of hype. The game will be awesome, that's a given, but how awesome is the big and redundant question.

So we move on

Personally I find one of the biggest drives of this game is the ability to forge your own fantasy epic of adventurous exploits. Sure you can cast spells, fight dragons, roam a huge map and customise your character, but since when couldn't you do that in other games? What makes this game better than the sum of its parts is the freedom of choice within its setting, and how what you do isn't only fun to engage with but fun to share. Yes, there is no multiplayer, but there's a million users, and that forces your stories of awesomeness to be shared in an old-world context; by word of mouth or written tale.

When you get this game and sacrifice your life to it, think of the world playing with you. Think of your friends who are in their parallels also, and go back to them to pool your stories. With Radiant engines you can expect all manner of variancy between your experiences, and each step of each battle or epic dragon clash should be shared proudly with wit and dramatic prose. There's a world of lore backing up this series, lets stretch it into reality and create our own legends in our deeds. Take pride in your character and have them act their role which you write on the fly, make memories of the great shots and narrow misses, then return to a forum or group of mates and make tavernous dialogue of your experiences. That's where you get your fun, share it.