• Gunr113

    Hey I'm trying to get the Dawnbreaker sword, as well as the Chillrend sword to use as a combo for when I'm fighting some draugr, or some other sort of monster. I think I'm going to start doing the missions for the Thieves guild more often too, because all I've really done, is the missions where you burn down the beehives at the goldenglow estate. But really, my main goal, is to try to finish this game...I don't even think that you can. But I'll sure try! I'm currently level 35, and I've had this game for like half a month, before I've made my account. I've done a few of the main questline missions, and I'm going to finish the questline to get the Dragonrend shout. But that's really all I'm going to say at the moment. I'm also going …

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