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    Hey, travelers!

    After hearing different ideas of TES 6, I wanted to add my own input on the matter, keep in mind I am ignoring popular opinion, engine mechanics, time limits, and modern technology. This is a dream, a perfect TES VI, it's impossible

    think it should (and will) be in one of the southern provinces. We never have explored them (save for Arena, which most people didn't play). Personally, I want it to be in the Summerset Isle. Perhaps all of the Aldmeri Dominion

    In the 4th Era, of course! shortly after Skyrim's events. You may wonder, "What about the Civil War?". Well, we'll pull a Bethesda and use the Dragon Break (yes, I know it's an old, overused trick, but it's the only way to fix the Civil War screw-up). Skyrim was divided be…

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  • Hadebrand The Bard

    Greetings! I am Hadebrand, and as you can tell, I'm a bard from the bard's college, but I do more than write superb music. I also write. And what else is there to write about in these times than politics? There is indeed some to talk of, especially now that there's rumors of dragons and Helgen's destruction. But we're going to talk about the civil war here in Skyrim. Yes, I know, it is sorrowful matter, but we must talk about it none the less. Let me get to my points.

    The Empire. . . we think that the Empire will fight the Thalmor once more in a second Great War. Some legates I've talked to have even hinted that they know there will be another war. They must not have been to the Imperial City lately, but I have. Not only do the Thalmor inha…

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