Greetings! I am Hadebrand, and as you can tell, I'm a bard from the bard's college, but I do more than write superb music. I also write. And what else is there to write about in these times than politics? There is indeed some to talk of, especially now that there's rumors of dragons and Helgen's destruction. But we're going to talk about the civil war here in Skyrim. Yes, I know, it is sorrowful matter, but we must talk about it none the less. Let me get to my points.

The Empire. . . we think that the Empire will fight the Thalmor once more in a second Great War. Some legates I've talked to have even hinted that they know there will be another war. They must not have been to the Imperial City lately, but I have. Not only do the Thalmor inhabit Cyrodiil, they basically own it. Talos worshippers are being executed in a place once known as Talos Plaza. A man who wishes his name and title remain hidden says, "That Thalmor advisor is always whispering in the Emperor's ear and 'strongly advising'. We all know that the Emperor is being threatened, and the Thalmor know that we know." Then again, the same thing happened to the Blades in the Aldmeri Dominion. They were everywhere, and then they were swiftly hunted down and beheaded.

The Stormcloaks want Skyrim for the Nords as the Nords were there first, or so they say. In truth, a breed of elves came to Skyrim before them, but to be fair, the elves are all either dead or corrupted into a hideous creature, ones I've seen on my travels many times. The Nords have been here since the days when they say dragons ruled the land. They see other races as tresspassers and more mouths to feed. Can you blame them, though? They have never had a good relationship with other races. Bretons attack them from the west, Thalmor take away Ysmir, and the Empire is supporting the Thalmor. Furthermore, they see Ulfric as a sign. He has the power of the thu'um! He is one of them, an oppressed Nord who cares for his people. I am not saying Elisif doesn't, but perhaps she may express that she does? 

There are some updates on the war, too. Ulfric has returned to Windhelm and has not publicly announced where he was. General Tullius hasn't been seen lately. Rumor has it he had gone to Helgen on Imperial business. Whiterun is being put under great pressure by the Empire. Balgruuf claims he is "on the side of Whiterun". He also says "No doubt General Tullius and his friends in the Empire will tell you that I owe them my loyalty, and perhaps I do. Ulfric Stormcloak would say that I owe my allegiance to the Nord people as they fight for Skyrim's independence. Perhaps this is also true. The day might come when I am forced to draw my sword for one side or the other. But that day has not come yet.'"

I support neither side, these are just my thoughts on this war. If you agree or disagree, do write me and explain why. I will be staying in Whiterun in the Bannered Mare for quite a while.