Hey, travelers!

After hearing different ideas of TES 6, I wanted to add my own input on the matter, keep in mind I am ignoring popular opinion, engine mechanics, time limits, and modern technology. This is a dream, a perfect TES VI, it's impossible


think it should (and will) be in one of the southern provinces. We never have explored them (save for Arena, which most people didn't play). Personally, I want it to be in the Summerset Isle. Perhaps all of the Aldmeri Dominion


In the 4th Era, of course! shortly after Skyrim's events. You may wonder, "What about the Civil War?". Well, we'll pull a Bethesda and use the Dragon Break (yes, I know it's an old, overused trick, but it's the only way to fix the Civil War screw-up). Skyrim was divided between the Imperials and Stormcloaks. Ulfric and Tullius both died in battle.


You start out in a Thalmor fort's torture cell on charges decided by you. As the interrogator is about to... well, interrogate you, the justiciar comes in and stops him. He orders the man to release you and tells you to follow him. He brings you to his office and essentially tell you that he knows of your talents and wants you to become an agent for him (character creation begins). You can respond by saying "Yes, I will join you.", "No, I won't join you.", "What would I have to do?", or "Why would you want a <player-race> to join the Thalmor?".

No matter what you choose, he will not respond. Rather, a messenger will interrupt and tell him that a local coup has been sighted outnumbering the fort. He will tell you to go with him through the escape route. You must follow with him no matter what you chose to say. He will quickly scribble down and seal a letter before he leaves. Once you finally leave, he will tell you to follow him

Thalmor Storyline

You respond by saying you will. He leads you to the city of Firsthold. There, he makes you wait at the 

Arms and Armor

Light, medium, and heavy! Furthermore, we need to see better perks for each armor. Once I had leveled up my heavy armor, light armor seemed useless in every way. I also see, in my imagination, pauldrons, individual boots, and clothes under armor. This adds to the roleplaying element that Skyrim was missing (I know I critisize Skyrim a lot). We must add more types of weapons, more animations, and more perks for each weapon type! I further suggest we add SPEARS! They are more useful than people think.

Crafting is the point I want to get to. Why does every metal type have the same armor design? You should be able to choose the various choices for armor such as a nasal guard, mask, plume, skalp, neck, chest, abdomen, arms, groin, legs, knees, and boots. Weapons would be the same with different grips, hilts, blades (one-sided or two), and handle. Smithing will take time, of course

Voice Acting

NO PLAYER voice acting, period.

Let's face it, Skyrim voice acting made me want to turn voice volume off. Sometimes I even wondered if the people were robots. Bethesda, you know how to do better. I hear Fallout had good voice actors.

Perks & Classes

Remember Morrowind and Oblivion's perks and classes? They made our characters feel alive to us. The problem with Skyrim is the idea that you can do everything. Also, in Morrowind, it starts you off where you only have a dagger and can't kill a scrib or a damsel. Later you learned to fight, and it was triumphant.


The guilds in Skyrim were easy, don't sugar-coat it. "Alright, go find this guy, go fight this dungeon, go find this other guy-- OK! You're the leader!". That pretty much sums up Skyrim's guilds. I was the Arch-Mage and I only knew four or five spells. In the other games, ya had ta know shit to get yourself a rank. Skyrim ranks... just weren't there. You should have to go through all nine circles of hell to get your rank up. This would make you feel more apart of the guild than you did in Skyrim. In Skyrim, it was me and them, not us. You should be able to decline a promotion, some people don't want to be leader of a guild. You should also be able to join daedra worshippers, necromancers, bandits, witches, wizards, and more.


It would not mess up all the culture. The pantheon needs to be the Altmer pantheon, not the Imperial! You can justify it all you want by Knights of the Nine, it doesn't matter! We wanted to see the worship of Kyne, Stuhn, Jhunal, and more. The Altmer worship Auri-El, Magnus, Y'ffre, and more! There should be defined social classes such as the poor, aristocrats, and the royalty. Depending on the deeds you do, you will be more liked by one of the classes. You should clearly be able to tell the difference in classes by what they wear, how they talk, and how they act in a situation. There should also be segregated towns--


Whoa! Before you stone me, I'm not talking about black and white segregation, I'm talking about cultural segregation. If you're not part of the mainline culture of the nation (Elsweyr, Valenwood, and Summerset), you will have to live in a small village of people with your same culture. Even the player will have to prove himself/herself one-thousand times over if not a particular race in order to be respected in a city. Oh yes, races matter. So does gender--


No, no, no! I'm not a sexist, I support women's rights and everything, but this is a medieval nation, there will be sexist people. I remember having to convince this woman I was right to be Hortator... and she hated men. That's what I'm talking about, having to prove yourself equal against unfair biases. That's what I mean

I want to talk about marriage, now. You can't just help someone with something and automatically marry them, this isn't Korea. You need to court them slowly and the relationship evolves. You  will have the choice to either live at your spouses or your house. As for sex, it should not show it as sells would deplete for Bethesda, but there should be an option to procreate (no "animations"). Of course, this would be a burden to female characters and if they fight, there's a chance of a miscarriage. The child shouldn't grow beyond an infant as no one else in the game does. A birth should not be graphic, in fact, it should fade out and skip to right after the birth. There should also be a divorce option which should, of course, be a penalty and you would loose reputation in the village where the person you divorced is from. 

Land Generation

I cannot lie, all the other games felt so small while Illiac Bay was huge. Most people curse generating land, but I say we should embrace it. There should be thousands of miles (Of course you can fast travel and use various travel methods) There would be hundreds of villages and dozens of cities. You should be able to set up camp if you want to foot-travel (woe to you). This would also help with the survival option I will talk about in a minute. Along with villages, there will be bandit camps and things of that nature. Since we're in a more magic-relying place, there will be more witches, necromancers, and daedra worshippers. Furthermore, generation will be interfered with by develpers in order to add the significant areas. Generation will be far more diverse, not like Daggerfall's 


Ah, villages, so left out, we're going to make them great (in my vision). Villages will have NPCs with randomly generated names, jobs, attitudes, and families, tons of voices will be recorded, dozens and dozens. Before you call BS, this is my imagination, not possibility. Villages will vary in size. Most would be four times the size of Riverwood and six times the population. Villages and towns will hate each other and will develp relationships, whether it be due to political opinions, religion, or business. You can negotiate peace (bring up the relationship level) or choose a side to fight with. Soon, you will have to attack the others or defend your own village. Dying is not the only way to loose and you must sheathe your weapons and submit, win, run away, or fight to the death. The leaders of the raid will decide to either plunder and destroy the village or populate it with their own people. If a country keeps doing this and gains more and more people, they will build up and become stronger, soon becoming the leader of a miniture kingdom. This would fit in with the political struggles the nation is going through. Soon, you can become the leader of the civilization by means of being elected, marrying, or "getting rid of" everyone who stands in the way of your way to leadership. As your kingdom expands, it will be harder to control, rebellions may break out, you could loose power, and you could loose your kingdom's wealth. Soon, other kingdoms will see yours and somehow become provoked, usually because of greed or fear.

This would lead to a war. Wars wouldn't be the easy few battles we saw in Skyrim, they would be hard, you would have advisors to help you deploy troops and manage your city. You can participate in the battles, of course. Loosing the war and having your capital taken would allow you to surrender or be exiled. You would be sent to prison forever, punished, or imprisoned until your execution (you must escape until then). Staying in prison would make you loose skills and you would soon be tortured for information on your other towns who refuse to submit. They would threaten to kill your friends and family (if you have any) if you did not give information. If you were to be executed, you may be humiliated and then hung, guillitined, or worse. Punishment will be flogging, scorching, et cetera. It would decrease your skill in almost everything physical  and your stamina. Exile would mean all your belongings would be taken (you can take them back, but it's hard as shit) and you to be sent away in nothing but rags. If you were to be seen by anyone in that kingdom, they would call the guards, who would kill you. Escaping prison, in all circumstances, would be damn hard, but possible. You can retake the kingdom town by town, but it will be gruesome. You must make sure no one informs the enemy and that everyone is loyal. At this point, your family could be dead our in hostage.

Next, you would be able to build onto a town, adding less destructable buildings, walls, mills, farms, prisons, and more. There would be a build distance limit, but it would be enormous! You could choose your town's capital and even rename it. The banner would be customizable with tons of options. Villages and kingdoms will play a huge advantage in the main story. I would like to add that if you want to stop and go exploring, you can appoint a steward or let your spouse command. You will recieve a note in times of need. For example, if you leave right before a siege on the capital, the capital may be taken and you will recieve a letter from the enemy. 

Character Customization and Develpment

Character customization has plenty of options like hair, height, body (fat, skinny, and muscular), warpaint, and more. You would have buffs and debuffs like how Nords are immune to frost. Your height, body, and warpaint will make a certain class favor you more. Warpaint will give you a debuff towards royalty and aristocrats, a skinny body favors the poor, a muscular body favors royalty, and a fat body favors the aristocrats. If you have the "Live Character" option enabled (see the next subtitle), your body will change according to what you regularly do. Your overall relationship will make a certain side easier for you. Anti-Thalmor folk can be rich or poor, the choice is yours. Married people will be less persuasive with the opposite gender because TAKEN.

Your race will effect how trusted you are and your favor. An Argonian village favors Argonians and the same applies to every other race. If your character is a kingdom's leader you will have a greater amount of respect than you would as a farmer.

The Live Character Option

This options is simply an option where you need to eat, drink, and sleep to survive. This can also effect your body type as different foods' effects are healthier than others and have different perks. If you were a ruler and feasted a lot, you'd need to either exercise (going on missions and fighting, do some running and carrying around heavy items, or letting it be so). You could contract diseases and get wounds infected. This would make sterilizing wounds and using bandages important. That's right, potions and spells can't change everything. Also, using a bow more will improve your accuracy and using a melee weapon would improve the strength of your hits. I go even further to make it where your hair and facial hair can grow where you'd need a razor to shave. Note this is an option, like most of the things I present.

Private Land

The only land you own doesn't have to be a town, you can run a farm or simply a house in the woods. Farming would improve your relations with the poor, owning a ton of farms will improve your relations with aristocrats, and owning a house in a certain city will improve relationships with royalty. Your houses and farms can be customized and furniture can be removed, added, or moved around. Aside from the interior, city houses cannot be changed like houses in the wild. Time will progress rapidly while making the house yourself. The easy yet expensive way is to higher constructers or getting followers to help. Houses can be burnt to the ground or stolen by rivaling political groups if they're not in the city. It's better to build your house near the road as to not get lost, of course you will have a fast-travel mark on your map to your house.


NPCs will be generated or custom-made (if important). They will be dynamic, work, have money, not just say they do, and rely on others. Custom-made NPCs that are important will keep the same amount of wealth until they're made unessential and vulnerable to poverty. When people are made unessential, their wealth will be just as vulnerable as them. Granted, it is unlikely. You will develp relationships with NPCs and there will be varing types of friends. ex: drinking-buddies, business partners, lovers, enemies, and trustworthy friends.


We know it, Bethesda knows it, followers were bad in Skyrim, though numerous. Fallout did a pretty good job, but I want to do better (I'm greedy). Followers have moralities, fears, thoughts, ideas, and personalities. If you violate too many of their moralities or ridicule them, you will begin to loose relationship points and soon they will leave you completely. You can convince them to give you another chance if your speech skill is high enough, but it's unprobable, you had your chance. If your Live Character option is enabled, you have the choice for it to apply to your followers. You can also have apprentices if you're a high rank in a city and a high-rank/leader of a kingdom. Your profession could be war-tactics, combat, scouting, or magic. Once these apprentices learned enough, they could go off to do numbers of things: Use what they've learned to do harm, become your follower/friend, or become an independent farmer/wizard/mercenary/chief. 


Crime in TES is unrealistic. I can kill all of Riverwood and pay off my bounty? No, we will add all sorts of punishments. First, there's simply jail time, which you will lose skill points slightly. Next, there's a more serious crime such as major theft or assault. For this, you will be humiliated by being flogged, scorched, thrown rotten food at, nearly starved to death in a cage hanging high, or beaten. The punishment would be randomly selected. These will all decrease a skill of your choice greatly. Another is exile from a city or life in prison. The only way to be forgiven of this crime is to either to escape and do good (capturing bandits, paying off your bounty). Finally is the death penalty. The death penalty can only be avoided by escaping and staying away for a long while. If you don't escape the death penalty in time, off goes your head. 

To have a punishment declared, you must go through a trial and your speech skill will help you lower your punishment or completely free you. If you bribed the judge before you committed the crime and have high speech skill, you will be pardoned.


Unlike some people, I want combat the stay the same besides for a few changes. I want locational damage, getting shot in the neck should do more damage than getting shot in the forearm. Morrowind annoyed me when I didn't take health away from an opponent and my sword went right through them. Instead, the lower your skill, the more likely a weapon is to glance off someone and take partial damage. Weapons should parry each other when they hit at the same time and take stamina instead of health. In fact, when you block with a shield, it shouldn't simply decrease damage taken, it should take stamina instead. Magic and weapons should have different perks so players wouldn't all choose the better option, one isn't better than the other, there's just different perks. Magic takes constant practice and spells can very much fail. Weapons can do the same but you can learn to use them quicker. Also, shields can block spells but you will still take partial damage. Also, I would like to see dodging and better sneak attacks. 


As some of you know, there's a huge ocean between the Summerset Isles and the rest of the Dominion. What if you had a choice? If this choice, you could buy your passage (boring) OR you could build your own ship and sail there yourself. In the ocean, you can become a pirate and attack the peoples' ships. If you become too notorious and a survivor reports you, Aldmeri ships will come to crush you. You could also go between the gaps between the isles and establish a navy for your kingdom. This will allow you to transport goods in between settlements. The way you can tell the ship's political group is by simply looking at its banner.


For banners, you can paint (custom draw) or use a preset. You could make your kingdom allegiant to whomever you wanted (you would have to give up some power). You can even change the design your armor and ship!


You can defend TES cities and say they were "realistic", but you would just be condemning improvement. They were not cities, they were merely towns. If you want a city, go see Novigrad from The Witcher III. It was perfect! And due to the massive land size, it would be easy for bigger cities to be present. It doesn't matter if not all NPCs are "unique", it still makes it better and alive. You can still have special characters, they just won't be clumped together. There are less than 50 people in Windhelm? Where the hell are all these Stormcloaks coming from? No, the cities must be bigger to feel alive. 

Further Describing the Settlement System

Fallout 4's settlements were pretty cool, but would they be much better in TES? That's why I wrote that whole article about ruling villages. Allow me to explain it further:

You arrive in the town a stranger and go to the local leader to serve. You may be assigned to guard duty or, if the village is rivaling another, you could spy for them due to you being worthless. You could join from before the conflict begins to right during an attack. Depending on what you do, you will be promoted if you appear good at what you do. This will allow you to make friends and gain higher ranking. You do this until you are under only a few in line to the throne. If you're a greedy backstabber and want to rule, you will kill all these people and hide their bodies. Before you're accused, take the scepter and rule! You must build onto your new establishment. What to do...

You can turn this farmer's hamlet into something great! You build walls, watch towers, farms, mills, houses, and barracks to increase your strength. This will take a while, but it will strengthen you when attacked. You set up boiling tar and other defences (archer towers, perhaps) and assign men. If anyone comes to attack, you'll be ready!

But now you want to attack THEM! Your enemies cannot prevail. You draft your soldiers and train them at the barracks. You pay smiths to mass-produce arms and armor of your choice for a siege. You make siege towers and trebuches to destroy this wretch's walls. You use a battering ram to break down the door and your men charge in, killing all who resist. Many soldiers surrender as the leader does to. Now you have the choice to punish the men. You can pardon them and let them join, kill them, or exile them. You have the same choice for the leader but death is the safest. He will be killed with whichever way you choose. 

Now you take the town for yourself. You repeat this with multiple towns until you have a kingdom. You can appoint people to be generals and other high positions if you want. You appoint people to govern a town and fortify it. You now have a fuctioning hold!