Halfway to Hunter

aka The Dysfunctional Female Hunter.

  • I live in IN F-ING HELL!
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is Mauling people
  • I am Female
  • Halfway to Hunter
    We all do and think things that we don't want to tell other about in Skyrim, but eventully, we do Skyrim Confessions. Believe me, some of the stuff people do are weird and funny. Here's my Skyrim Confession list.
    • When I first saw a Dark Elf, it looked like they had Blue Skin, so I immideatly went: "OH MY GOD THEY LOOK LIKE GRAND ADMERIAL THRAWN!" because I am a huge Star Wars Nerd. (Grand Admerial Thrawn was the main antagonish in the Star Wars Book Heir to the Empire by Timmothy Zain, and the two books after it)
    • I like to imagine Khajiit's as children, because we never see any Khajiit children, and since Khajiit's look like cats, its funny to imagine Khajiit's when they where kids, because they where all once a kitten.
    • I love to think what Had…
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