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    Hello. It's been long since I wrote a blog. I am currently writing this blog with the little free time I have left before being racked with menial tasks and Real-Life issues.

    This small blog will cover about the pros and cons and some little tips about the infamous and renowed guild of assassins that works both as a business and a cult: The Dark Brotherhood. (In Skyrim)

    Before one asks, no, I do not approve of the activities performed by the Brotherhood such as bribery, blackmail, coercion, and murder. I am only writing this blog to show my opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of players who wish to join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

    We will start with the Pros before the Cons.

    • Lucrative - Many who contact the Dark Brotherhood pay …

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  • HambleBee

    Hello! It's been a while since I wrote a blog.

    P.S. Newbie or not, I hope this blog can be of some use to anybody.

    So.. this blog is gonna cover a few tips/strategies on how to fight a 'friend' that killed me numerous times before.

    The Draugr. Yes. Draugr. The reason why I included them is after a frustrating experience in Arcwind Point.

    I got pushed all the way to the bottom of the ground with a full Unrelenting Force, which obviously resulted in my death.

    So here's a few tips on how to counter this problem and how to identify the ones who can use the full version of Fus Ro Dah:

    • Most of the Draugr that can use full Unrelenting Force are clad in full Ancient Nord Armor with long-horned helmets while carrying Ancient Nord War Axes with Ebony Bows & …
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    Gentle reader

    This is my first blog post i have made in my lifetime, so please forgive me if i have made some mistakes that may offend others as i have no experience writing a blog before. I am currently writing this blog based on my observations during gameplay & research on TESV: Skyrim. This blog will cover some comments about the in-game ruling body of the Third Aldmeri Dominion called the "Thalmor".

    1: What is the Thalmor?

    They are the faction or ruling body that rules the 3rd Aldmeri Dominion during the Fourth Era. They are made up of the Provinces of Summerset Isle & Valenwood, which was later renamed to "Alinor".

    2:How did the Thalmor become infamous or well-known?

    If you have heard of the Great War of the 4th Era, then you know how hor…

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