Gentle reader

This is my first blog post i have made in my lifetime, so please forgive me if i have made some mistakes that may offend others as i have no experience writing a blog before. I am currently writing this blog based on my observations during gameplay & research on TESV: Skyrim. This blog will cover some comments about the in-game ruling body of the Third Aldmeri Dominion called the "Thalmor".

1: What is the Thalmor?

They are the faction or ruling body that rules the 3rd Aldmeri Dominion during the Fourth Era. They are made up of the Provinces of Summerset Isle & Valenwood, which was later renamed to "Alinor".

2:How did the Thalmor become infamous or well-known?

If you have heard of the Great War of the 4th Era, then you know how horrifying the crimes the Thalmor have comitted against humanity and even one of their own. From the sacking of the Imperial City, to The Night of Green Fire, to the Battle of Red Ring, the Thalmor are a force not to be underestimated, as they even trampled on the name of the 9th Divine named Talos and continues to root out Talos worshippers thanks to a peace treaty that became known as the "White-Gold Concordat". One of the major conditions of the treaty was the ban of Talos worship throughout the Empire.

3: What is their Goal or Mission?

According to one of my in-game observations and "interviews" through individuals which i will not specify all of them to prevent over-lengthening this blog, they seek to destroy the Empire and restore "Elven Supremacy" through all of Tamriel.

Or, as according to some and an old man named "Esbern" they "seek to end the world on their own terms".

Perhaps they are trying to return to their Godly origins as some accounts claim. They are also known to secretly capture & imprison, or even assassinate anyone who questions their doctrines or beliefs, especially Nords.

4:What is your opinion of them?

To be honest with you, i despise them myself to some degree. They may be only trying to restore their "rightful place", but that or their Ancestral Origins does not excuse them of their crimes and war crimes against the people of Tamriel & the Empire. All who works for or even has aided the Thalmor, directly or indirectly, should be persecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. I do not use anger or hatred to cloud my judgment and fail to see the whole or bigger picture, unlike some people who mindlessly use anger & hatred to consume their hearts, and most importantly: their minds.

5:Have you been persecuted by the Thalmor in-game before?

I have encountered countless Thalmor Agents after my character myself, and all of those agents sent after me have met their end at the tip of my blade. I do not hold any grudge against the Thalmor, but if they ever attempt to hunt my character down anytime, i promise to make their deaths as quick as possible.

And that covers it for my first blog. Please feel free to leave a comment.