Hello. It's been long since I wrote a blog. I am currently writing this blog with the little free time I have left before being racked with menial tasks and Real-Life issues.

This small blog will cover about the pros and cons and some little tips about the infamous and renowed guild of assassins that works both as a business and a cult: The Dark Brotherhood. (In Skyrim)

Before one asks, no, I do not approve of the activities performed by the Brotherhood such as bribery, blackmail, coercion, and murder. I am only writing this blog to show my opinions about the advantages and disadvantages of players who wish to join the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim.

We will start with the Pros before the Cons.


  • Lucrative - Many who contact the Dark Brotherhood pay a large sum of gold (600-1200 most of the time), as 'assassinations don't come cheap'. As stated in the book Brothers of Darkness, the Dark Brotherhood works both as a business and a cult.
  • 'Bonuses' - Some contracts require an assassin to stay within some boundaries. If they stay within the boundaries, they may be able to recieve an additional reward called a bonus in the process.
  • Sanctuary - Obviously, the Brotherhood lives within the safe confines of their hidden sanctuaries. All Sanctuaries are well-hidden and can keep their assassins safe by providing them a safe place to live and sleep.


  • Infamy - As their line of work is extremely illicit and illegal, the Dark Brotherhood is constantly being persecuted every single day by groups such as the Penitus Oculatus. If the Dragonborn DLC is installed, an Dark Brotherhood assassin may encounter agents of the Morag Tong, who will make an attempt on his/her life, as the two organizations carry an bitter rivalry with one another due to irreconcilable differences in beliefs.
  • Bounty - If an assassin is caught murdering someone in public, a bounty of 1000 gold will be placed on the assassin's head: "Murder is, obviously, a very serious crime, and a very high bounty will be put on your head on the hold where the act was commited." - Astrid
  • Risk - A Dark Brother/Sister practices the art of murder, and must be willing to pay for the consequences of their actions. With gold, a jail sentence, or even more bloodshed. Unlike the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood assassins have a higher chance of being killed due to their line of work.

And that covers my small blog. I will make my next blog that will cover the Companions of Skyrim. Feel free to comment as well.

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