Hello! It's been a while since I wrote a blog.

P.S. Newbie or not, I hope this blog can be of some use to anybody.

So.. this blog is gonna cover a few tips/strategies on how to fight a 'friend' that killed me numerous times before.

The Draugr. Yes. Draugr. The reason why I included them is after a frustrating experience in Arcwind Point.

I got pushed all the way to the bottom of the ground with a full Unrelenting Force, which obviously resulted in my death.

So here's a few tips on how to counter this problem and how to identify the ones who can use the full version of Fus Ro Dah:

  • Most of the Draugr that can use full Unrelenting Force are clad in full Ancient Nord Armor with long-horned helmets while carrying Ancient Nord War Axes with Ebony Bows & Arrows as ranged weapons. They're the Draugr Deathlords and Draugr Death Overlords.
  • The Deathlords mostly tend to use Unrelenting Force to push enemies off a great height to kill them. The Death Overlords tend to use Frost Breath more than Unrelenting Force. One example is how I got thrown off the Arcwind Point as mentioned above.
  • Not all Draugr Deathlords have full Unrelenting Force in my experience. The Deathlords that had weaker versions of the shout are the 'Deathlords' that weild melee Ebony Weapons and Shields or two-handed Ebony Weapons. Also, the ones carrying Glass Bows and Orcish Bows with assorted arrows also use weaker versions of the infamous Unrelenting Force.
  • Draugrs carrying Ebony Bows are deadly, especially at long ranges. They can kill even the most hardened characters in just a few hits. This is especially true in Master and Legendary difficulty.


  • Wards block even the full version of Unrelenting Force and Frost Breath. Use it to your advantage. Even non-mages can use a Lesser Ward in the right moment to completely block shouts.
  • For some reason, they also attack Dragons. When you witness Draugrs fighting a Dragon.. Use the commotion to your advantage.
  • The Daedric Artifact Dawnbreaker is an excellent weapon of choice against Draugrs. Even the Deathlords tend to be affected by it's Bane of the Undead effect upon killing undead. Dawnbreaker can be obtained by finishing a certain quest.
  • Although Draugrs have 50% Frost Resistance, their undead traits also gives them weakness to fire. Using Fire-based magic or weapons with Fire enchantments against Draugr are very effective.
  • One can easily level up their Sneak skills by sneak-attacking sleeping Draugr. Just make sure you have the Muffle effect to minimize the chances of sleeping Draugr from being alerted to your prescence.
  • Draugrs are a good source of money at higher levels due to them tending to weild Ebony Weapons once you reach a high-enough level. Just make sure you have room for Carrying capacity or a follower to act as your backpacker.

Note: This is only the first part for my pocket guide. I'll make more soon if I feel like it.

And that covers it for my second blog. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!