Hello People of the Wiki!

I'm reinstalling Skyrim! The two of you reading this post might be wonder Why is she reinstalling Skyrim? Well that's because Steam decided to glitch out and uninstall all 36 of my installed games, including Bioshock(s) 1,2, and Infinite, Watch_Dogs, Saints Row Series, Both Rome: Total War 1 and 2, Overgrowth, JC2, and many others! After seeing this I cried for like...three days before finally deciding to get up off my ice cream fueled depressed ass and reinstall Skyrim, my favorite in the collection! Now, I want some ideas for character creation and good links to do so. I'm thinking of doing an NPC playthrough (look up Elder Strolls), an evil playthrough, a mercenary playthrough, and an assassin playthrough. I would like to hear your ideas as to what I should do in Skyrim in the comments. Also what mods I should get. BAI!