So im writing this blog to clear up some of the criticism that i've seen in the forum as to why they don't like the Stormcloaks. This will be about the faction as a whole not any perticular person, i'll maybe do one about that certain person later ( not mentioning him by name so people don't flip out ).

Argument: The Stormcloaks are racists there are only nords in their ranks.

Explanation: I'll start my saying bethesda is lazy. Now ever notice that every guard in every hold is also a nord no mater if its an imperial or stormcloak hold, bethesda made the stormcloak soldiers just renamed windhelm guards so thats why they're lazy. They did this because like 80% of Skyrim's population are nords and they are too lazy to make the guards have different races.  Now this is where many argue the Legion has different races, i'll counter with a question: ever notice that the Legion only has 2 women Legate Rikke and the captain in the tutorial, the Stormcloaks have lots of women does that mean that the Legion is sexist? NO, again bethesda is lazy.

Argument: The Stormcloaks will only cause the downfall of Skyrim, it needs the Empire.

Explanation: No, its completely wrong no doubt about it. Skyrim is better off in the hands of the Stormcloaks and this is why. First, with the Stormcloaks in charge the Thalmor wouldn't be able to sabotage Skyrim as easilly as it did with the Empire in charge ( as they could legally be there ). Second, with the Stormcloaks in charge Skyrim would have a larger defence (garrisoning army), remember when the Legion garrison in Markarth left to fight in Cyrodill and the Forsworn invaded and killed many nords, yeah thought so. Third, when the Dominion invades Skyrim the Stormcloaks will be able to fight them better than the Legion could:

  • The Imperial Legion is based on the Roman Legion so we have a clear ideia on how they fight, that kind of direct open field strategy won't give tham any advantage over the Elves as they know their strategies, as they have spies in the Empire and have fought the Imperial Legion before.
  • The Stormcloaks however have a home field advantage ( much like the Redguards did and they fought the Dominion to a stand still ) ,fight with gurilla tactics. Also Altmer aren't used to the cold harsh climate of Skyrim and would have to keep supply coming from the Summerset Isles to survive, making their invasion that much more costly. The Stormcloaks don't need to bring their supplies from anywhere, they are already in Skyrim.
  • Another advantage the Stormcloaks have is the variety of their warriors, all Legionairs have standard Imperial gear, Stormcloaks use all kinds of weapons and fighting styles, while the Legion all fight the same.