So this is my speculation(and wishes too) on what will happen in the next elder scrolls game. This will include everything from setting to story, etc. So lets begin a look into The Elder Scrolls VI: Dominion

The Setting: I think i will be set in Hammerfell 3-5 years after Skyrim. The reason for this is because i believe the plot of the next game will revolve around the 2nd Great War. Hammerfell is the perfect place for this plot because of its importance in the 1st Great War, the Redguards fought the Dominion to a complete standstill, so where better to begin the war than where it ended. Also Hammerfell has a very diverse landscape from the Alikr Desert to the fertile coastlands to the western mountains of the Reach. Not to forget the inhabitants, the province is just as diverse in citizans as Skyrim is (one reason why it won't be set in the Summerset Isles). Also because of its location we could see some dlcs that could bring High Rock into the game.

The Plot: I think that the plot will revolve around the 2nd Great War as i stated earlier, this is because in the last game we could see tention building up for the next conflict between men and mer. All that was needed was the spark which could happen in the begining of the game.

  • a secundary plot could be the civil war between the Crowns and the Forebears ( the 2 redguard factions fighting for power in the province )

The Player: I don't really know who bethesda could make us play as but i think it we will just be a citizan of Hammerfell who hears the call of duty(not the game) and joins the war against the Dominion. I highly doubt that the thuum will be back since we won't play as the dragonborn(sadly) but to appease fans bethesda may put some new weapons in the game.

The Dragonborn: i think bethesda will do what they usualy do when it comes to the last protagonist, kill him off, send him away to akavir, or turn him into a deadric prince ( Sheo FTW ) :D . In all seriousness i have no clue what they will do to the dragonborn so he wont interfere with the new game.

The Factions:

  • The Aldmeri Dominion: Main Questline - not joinable - hostile
  • Crowns: Civil War Questline - joinable - may influence outcome of Main Questline
  • Forebears: Civil War Questline - joinable - may influence outcome of Main Questline
  • Stormcloaks( this is assuming they win in Skyrim ): Main Questline - not joinable - allies
  • Empire( irregardless of Skyrim outcome ): Mentioned only( they will be busy fighting the Dominion in Cyrodill )
  • Dark Brotherhood ( they are starting to return to former glory after assassination of Titus Mede II ): joinable
  • A warriors' guild ( i don't know if the Fighters' Guild has a presence in Hammerfell): joinable
  • A mages' guild ( it may be the School of Julianos because they appeared in Daggerfall); joinable
  • The Thieves' Guild: joinable ( since Hammerfell has port cities and marine commerce maybe have some pirate style missions were you steal/raid from boats while in the high seas, would be cool not many ship stuff in elder scrolls )

The Combat: Very similar to the Skyrim combat system but polished and maybe even improved with new weapon types like spears and/or javilins, don't forget CURVED SWORDS. (YEAHHHHHH) Also keep the crossbows they were cool.

The Magic: bring back the spell crafting system from Oblivion, keep the Skyrim casting system with dual casting, maybe some new spells along side ones that were dropped from Oblivion.

The Stealth: needs to be polished and improved, to be more realistic. Also make looking into people pockets illegal so we NEED to be hidden to do it succesfully, it was ridiculous that we could just look into everyones pockets and they would only say "keep your hands to your self" they should be calling the guards, why else would someone look into your pockets if not to steal something( sorry for the rant )

The Leveling: keep the Skyrim system but make it so we need to be out of combat to be able to lvl up. Keep the perks some of them need to be changed/improved. Also i like the standing stones in Skyrim( my preference) maybe they can find a way to keep them or add something similar.

The Deadra Worship: Keep things like they have been, just drop the whole nightingale/thief thing (i think it was stupid). Have all 16 artifacts (16th being the Grey Cowl, because it was awesome). No Jyggalag just yet, keep him on hold until the Elder Scrolls VII:Greymarch (:D)

The Miscelanious Stuff: Like i said before it would be cool to add naval stuff, this would be perfect for location and plot. The Dominion has the biggest/best navy in Tamriel, the redguards are excelent seamen( navigation, naval combat, etc. because they came from Yokuda and do lots of marine trading in Hammerfell with other races).