Obviously this blog is oriented towards PC Skyrim players, of which i am one. This is my personal list of mods i really enjoy and use all the time in my playthroughs, picking my Top 15 was hard because i am using like 100+ mods currently. Fell free to post your own personal list in the comment section. (I haven't included quest mods and effect mods in this list, maybe i'll do another just for those). I'll post links if you want to go to the mod pages.

15.Unique Uniques-This mod replaces the meshes and textures of some of the "unique" weapons in the game so that not only there name and enchantment is unique but their apperance too.

14.Dragon Soul Relinquishment-Remember all those useless dragon souls you have because you already unlocked all the shouts, now you can actually use them for something. It adds a dragon stone to High Hrothgar where you can pray and spend those dragon souls on many cool things.

13.Guard Dialogue Overhaul-Thsi for me is a must have mod, it changes the dialogue from guards so they actually respect you, no more "Did somebody steal your sweatrole" or other such crap. Now guards respect you(and possibly fear, if you're Listener) and say things like "Everything in order Thane?" or "How do you do Dragonborn" and other such comments.

12.Immersive Settlements-This mod is great because it makes many of the cities/towns in Skyrim bigger and more realistic/immersive. It's still a WIP but in its current state its still a fantastic mod, cause lets face it Skyrim fells really barren and devoid of life.

11.Immersive Patrols-This mod does many awesome things, one of which (as the name suggests) is adds lots of patrols into the land of Skyrim(from many diferent factions), another thing is it adds battles into Skyrim aswell(ex:Stormcloak vs. Legion, Guards vs. Bandits, Dawnguard vs. Vampire, etc.).

10.Dragon Combat Overhaul-Dragon fights in vanilla Skyrim were really boring and bare bones, all dragons used the same tactics(hover and shout, then land and bite/shout). This mods makes dragon fights actually exciting and fun(and quite challenging) by changing the tactic the dragon uses and adding some realism into the fights(when a dragon lands too close you get thrown/ragdolled a ways off). Charging a dragon head on and winning is now near impossible.

9.Heavy Armory-This mod adds new weapon types to the existing tiers, new weaponds like: hatches, clubs, mauls, spears, shortswords, etc. All the weapons are integrated into the npc item list so they will be used by enemies and neutral npcs throughout Skyrim, this makes their integration seemless.

8.Immersive Armors-I found the lack of many unique armors in Skyrim a let down, this mod fills that whole by adding many amazing armors, that fit perfectly with the atmosphere and lore of the game. Most of the armors are added to npc item list so you'll see enemies wearing the armors as well.(this mod adds the armors into neutral npcs so the new armors will integrate more seemlessly into the world: Immersive Armor for NPCs).

7.aMidianBorn Book of Silence-This mod adds new handmade textures into the world of Skyrim, it started with only weapons and armors but it has since then expanded into creatures, and the author has made land/building textures aswell(diferent mod). Let me just say these textures are the best retextures i have ever seen, the resolution is great and the little details(like the designs on the steel armor of example) are just beautyfull. (aMidianBorn Textures for Immersive Armors this mod adds the aMidianBorn textures to the armors found on the mod above).

6.Unofficial Patches-Skyrim is buggy as hell, bethesda fixed some problems with their patches but many problems remained, these patches fix those and makes playing the game a much smoother experience.

5.Invested Magic-Don't you hate when you're playing a mage and you have to keep casting spells all the time, like candlelight, mage armor spells, summons, etc. Well this mod changes that and mages them last, but to balance you have to "invest" magicka to maintain the spell going. (npcs also get this change)

4.Inconsequential NPCs-This mods add npcs that don't give a f*** about the player, they are just there living their lives and don't care that you are the Dragonborn. Its very good for immersion and does add more life to the cities, by doing things like adding patrons to inns. This mod works very well along side the next mod on my list.

3.Interesting NPCs-This mod does add some quest but that is not the point of the mods so i put it on this list. Like the name suggests it adds interesting npcs to the game, i have literaly spent like 10-15 minutes talking to each of the npcs that this mods adds, these npcs actually have cool backround stories and you fell like learning as much as you can about them. Of the npcs added quite a few are potential followers.

2.Inigo-Inigo is by far my favorite follower mod out there, Inigo is a unique khajiit. He is a joy to travel with, has over 1000 lines of dialogue(many of which are pretty hilarious), is a archer/swordscat so he is very helpfull in fights, and doesn't nag you like other follower mods out there(i have never gotten mad at Inigo like i do with other followers). The author is planning on adding a questline in the future, but he already comes with a detailed backround story.

1.SkyUI-I consider this as a MUST download mod for anyone using a mouse and keyboard to play Skyrim. It completely redoes most of the menus to beter fit PC users, because bethesda made Skyrim's interface with console users in mind. I count this as my favorite mod because it makes playing Skyrim with mouse/keyboard efficient and easy(unlike vanilla Skyrim). It does require SKSE though.