So I’m going to start by saying I don’t really like elves in general, never have never will. This comes from before The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim, this is a personal opinion; in most fantasy games I play I’m a human. Since the Elder Scrolls games have 4 different races of men I usually pick the native race to the province where the game takes place. (In Oblivion I was an imperial, I didn't play Morrowind because I was too young when it came out)I think it’s just better for immersion to fight to save your home than another races home.

So after that intro let’s begin. In this blog I’ll be talking about the THALMOR neither the High Elves nor the Dominion in general. If you played Skyrim you obviously know who the Thalmor are, the ruling body of the Aldmeri Dominion (They were the ruling body in both the Aldmeri Dominions but the 1st's Thalmor were a collection of Bosmer and Altmer leaders), and they are a group of Altmer supremacists. That is they are super pro-elven conservatives, more specific pro-high elven. So now that everybody knows who they are let’s start talking about why I don’t like the, I will be using lore to prove why I’m right, so this isn’t just opinion.

Reason 1: The Thalmor are super racists

If you think the nords are bad then you haven’t met the Thalmor. All races of mer (excluding the orcs and the wood elves) all think they are the superior race of Nirn, granted not all individuals in those races are like that in general they are. This is due to the elven believe that they are the direct descendants of the Aedra (which in the ancient merish tongue means our ancestors) meaning they believe that they were gods. This makes the Mer's number one goal is to become gods once again. This like I said earlier doesn’t mean all individual want this just that the most conservative elves want and believe this. The Thalmor in specific think the high elves are the purist of elves and that they will be the ones to ascend to godhood. The whole super racist thing comes from the fact that the Thalmor have been "secretly" purging the wood elves in valenwood that don't agree with their ideals(also the Thalmor consider the bosmer and the dunmer as lesser elven races). Worst then that when the Thalmor took power in the Summerset Isles they killed every single last citizen that wasn't an Altmer( Keep in mind that bosmer and khajiit may have been brought over as servants for the nobles) and outlawed entrance to the Isles for anyone other than the Altmer.

Reason 1.5: The Thalmor really hate Talos, and men

The elves and the Thalmor in particular, have a really powerful hatred for the races of men because of Talos. The Thalmor hold the old elven beliefs really close to heart, the whole godhood thing, and when the races of men, young short lived races (by elven standards) started to believe that Tiber Septim, founder of the Empire we all know and used to love, ascended to godhood after his death and was counted as the 9th divine they really got pissed. This is due to the fact that men, who they thought were inferior in every way, were able to do what could not. This left the Thalmor super angry, that is why one of the terms of the White-Gold Concordant was the outlaw of Talos worship. And don’t give me that Talos isn't a god crap, he is, there are many facts that prove he is. Ex: his shrine gives a blessing and cure diseases, his blood was used as divine blood to be able to travel to paradise in oblivion, etc.( if you want more proof look in the wiki I has like half a dozen reasons) Also another reason the Thalmor outlawed his worship is they believe this will weaken him to the point they might be able to kill him so they can ascend to godhood( they believe Talos is the mantel of Lorkhan/Shor and if he dies they will finally be able to achieve their goal).

Reason 2: The Thalmor almost wiped the BLADES out!!!

As you can see from the exclamation points i really liked the Blades in Oblivion, they were really cool with their samurai style gear and their oath to protect the Emperor and all. That all changed when the damned Thalmor killed all the Blade agents in the Aldmeri Dominion and later hunted down the ones within the Empire to near extinction. Now they have to start over in Sky Ruler Temple, but it will take many years before they are back to full strenght.

  • If the Thalmor took over Tamriel

This is a hipothetical, What would happen if the Thalmor won the 2nd Great War and started an Elven Empire of Tamriel. So first off everyone that opposed them would die, all races except Altmer would be treated as servants or worst slaves. All cultures except the High elven culture would be repressed, this would cause mass revolt and/or rebelions within Tamriel(If the Thalmor won those). All the rebels would die. So to wrap things up the only ones left on Tamriel would be the Altmer and their slaves(those that didn't rebel and died), and the Elder Scrolls as we know it would die.