Has-Many-Thoughts here, I've recently come across an article on CVG about a simple Nord man, calls himself Olaf. He isn't a mage of sorts and he doesn't run around killing Dragons, he is just looking to make decent pay for honest work. The point of Olaf's story, you ask?

Well, it seems as if it's based around Olaf being an average joe, and has a dream to one day own a home in Solitude, one can assume this refers to Proudspire Manor. The only problem Olaf has no money, no Dragonborn powers to fight off the many enemies of the people of Skyrim. He simply wishes to earn his money as less violently as possible, though he is willing to bend the rules just a bit.

CVG goes on to say that, they want viewers to be active in the decisions of Olaf. Do you have moneymaking tips or tricks? Share them with us here at the Wiki or send them straight to CVG.