I have recently heard that the Elder Scrolls VI (6) is going to be set in Summerset Isles, Valenwood , and Elsweyr . I hope this is true bcause I think an Aldmeri Dominion quest line would be very interesting. Also they could entroduce a few new factions the Psijic Order, the Thalmor, and maybe others could be created. The Psijic Order resides in Summerset Isles, and it would be interesting to see what they are all about since we only got to see them very briefly in Skyrim . Also it would be very cool to be able to actually become a Thalmor . Thses new factions would be very interesting to play in. I am also curious to what new spells will be introduced in this game, especially since this game takes place where the Altmer or High Elves live, and being the most gifted in magic it will be cool to see where you can learn magic and also if new spells will be introduced. The Summerset Isles must also have a very different government from the Nords , so this another new thing that could be introduced. I am not sure if they have a major or if they just have a king/queen.

Also the terrain will be very differnt from the other Elder Scrolls games. Valenwood is has dense forests and cities that are up in trees. Some of these cities are rumored to be in migratory trees which would be a new and very interesting new feature to the game. Also Valenwood is home to many magical creatures such as unicorns, centaurs, and many others. Elsweyr has a dessert/rain forest terrain which will introduce a terrain that we have nevr seen in the Elder Scroll games, and will provide for a great opportuinity to introduce many new creatures into the game.

Please comment because I would love to hear your oppion on this matter on where you think the next game will be and why.

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