• High Rock
    Arengor the Ancient is a Breton Master Wizard who was born to a Nord father and a Breton mother on the 6th of Heartfire in the Second Era. Arengor was taught the arts of magic by his mother after his father disowned the two of them when he was eight years old, his mother was reminded of Arengor's father everytime she heard his name because of it's Nordic origin.

    'Arengor was born Arengor 'Storm-Blade, Arengor had a good life for a while, he had a few friends who he communicated with everyday but he did have trouble with a few bullies. Arengor was teased because of his name and his Race not connecting. He slowly learned to ignore the bullies and concentrate on learning the things he wanted to and communicating with people he wanted to. Everything seemed fineā€¦

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