So Dragonborn is out. I originally had Skyrim on PS3, having already bought Morrowind and Oblivion on PC. I quickly found myself reverting to PC and re-buying Skyrim so I could get Dawnguard. I immediatly remembered why I loved PC gaming. The performance was amazing, a great mod community and the originally platform for the games. But now that PC loyalty is gone, Bethesda selling out to Xbox. PC gamers who have been playing since Arena are now being shunned due to the fact we chose the better option of not playing on a console. I was fuming when I found out that even after this period expired, Xbox still got better treatment. We could at least have a release date. Some of my Xbox using friends are saying that maybe it isn't ready so we can't have a release date. If a game is made on computers surly it must be ready on PC first. So what's your opinion on Dragonborn? And exclusivity? Please nothing about Dawnguard, Hearthfire or a war of the consoles. This is purely about whether or not you can justify exclusivity.