I have been to all holds in Skyrim and have logged about 90 in-game days of gameplay, but I have only ever seen a confrontation between Stormcloaks and Imperials, and it was just a tiny skirmish between three soldiers from each army.  In fact I was able to kill them all before they were able to kill each other.  I've seen bigger battles between bandits and town guards.  I have yet to see a full-scale battle between company or batallion-sized units.  If it weren't for the NPCs constantly talking about it you would hardly know there was a civil war going on.  Ae the opposing forces just hunkering down and digging in waiting for the dragons to go away?

And before anyone brings it up, yes I am aware that the Civil War questline involves laying seige to cities, but I'm talking about radiant, non-quest related battles.

RepublicofE (talk)