How Hard is it to get a user name!

  • How Hard is it to get a user name!

    Can anyone please for the love of god help me to marry Grelka from Riften Open Market!!! I have searched long and hard for answers, and it seems like im not the only one having a problem! I know exactly how to get married, I've got the options to marry heaps of people, but can't get the same with Grelka! The Game Guide list her as a Possible spouse, but I don't know what to do!! I refuse to use the codes, so if anyone can help, please.

    I'm a male khajjit, werewolf, a member of the thiefs guild, and completed the temple quests, but nothing!!

    I haven't joined the imperials or stormcloaks yet, and if that is the reason, which missions should i do........all so i can marry Grelka!!!

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