Hroki is a not classified teenager living in the once attacked by the forsworn city of Markarth. She can be found from 8:00a.m-8:00p.m most of the time and on the Xbox 360 console is not able to be married.But she is still fun just to have around.She lives in the silver-blood inn in Markarth that is owned by her parent's Frabbi & kleppr.

Hroki is a level 6, Race: Nord, classification : child

no one outside of Besthesda studios really knows why Hroki is a class:child most think she is a teen or a glitch.

Hroki's dialog: "Need something?" , "What can i do for you?" , "Excuse me, i'm assuming thhat armor you got rid of wasn't an accident,but just in case, I want to make sure i can take it." .And "oh." if you bump into her