I just bought and downloaded Hearthfire for 360 and am currently starting to build the main hall on the house. Well I needed sawed logs and I didn't know where to get them so I fast traveled to Riverwood and sawed some logs (comepletely useless btw -.-') then fast traveled back to the Morthal house I'm building and didn'tpay enough attention to see if the housecarl, Calder, was behind me or not, I saw Valdimar and asked him to steward my house, ok it was fine but i still didn't look for Calder. I bought somelumber off him and went to go make the Main Hall, or Manor Hall. I made some nails then got other items out of the chest buy the Carpenter's Workbench. I didn't have any Corrundium ingot so I decided to check if Calder had been given any(I give him the randomest crap.) but he wasn't there. I fast traveled to Windhelm(Where Calder is the Housecarl, also where my husband stays.) and he still wasn't following me so I looked all around my house, Hjeam or whatever, still no Calder. I don't know what happened but I want my stuff and Calder back.

Please help I really want him back.