Okay, so this blog post isn't all about the payment method, just about what I read in another blog post. The subscription price in the USA is $14.99, which is basically $15. I've been reading a lot of comments arguing over the price range and this method itself. The method is not idiotic, and the price is fairer than most MMOs' out there.

BUT, to go as far as saying that everyone can afford this is idiotic. There are people in this world who cannot afford their own food (I'm not talking about people in Africa or anything of that manner.), clothing, electricity, home, or vehicle. People have to save their own money just to be able to afford food. Going as far as saying, "OH THIS $15 IS SO AFFORDABLE, U 1D1OT$ JUST DNT WANNA PAY", this could be the case for some or it could be something else.

What I'm trying to say is that I don't like being told that this $15 is affordable, when it isn't to some people. Most people in my town (the population is relatively close to 4,000) couldn't even afford this because our economy sucks and all the job loss where I live. It's sad, it really is. My friend's father has to work two jobs to support his family.

Please, please, please think about this.

(and before you go: "OH I CAN PAY FOR THIS. I WORK FOR MY OWN MONEY. Good for you. You're probably a teenager who lives with their parents. You don't pay house payments, car payments, or buy your own food. Your parents do. So shut up. But if you're an adult, that's amazing you can afford it.)

Thanks for listening! c:

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