So I have found that if you want to get your level up in either Smithing or Enchanting there is an easy way to do it. First, it would be wise to have an enchanted weapon that you don't mind disenchanting and some coin. Go to a few keeps and buy out as much iron ore/ingots that you can buy. After you do this go out and hunt down some elk, fox, wolves, etc. (as long as it drops some sort of hide). The next step is to find a smelter (there is one in Whiterun). Smelt all the iron ores you have into iron ingots. Then find a tanning rack and convert those hides into leather and then down even further into leather strips. Go to a forge and make a bunch of iron daggers. Your smithing level will increases greatly. The next step is to acquire some soul gems that are filled. It doesn't matter what enchatment you use but enchant some daggers with the soul gems and then sell the daggers back to some vendors. Repeat until you hit your desired level. Enjoy :)