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  • IceFireWarden0

    'lo everyone, IceFireWarden here. For the last couple of months I have been set upon myself a vast task of worldbuilding the island of Yneslea, one of the four islands conquered during Uriel Septim's failed Invasion of Akavir, as described in the in-game novels Disaster of Ionith and Brief History of the Empire. Becase there is so little known about this interesting place, I've decided to make it an interesting realm of its own and I thought you would all like to know about it.

    Just pay a visit to to learn more. I hope you all enjoy.

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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hello everyone. Recently I was reading a blog about a User named Sevonis about him or her writing a short story set in the Elder Scrolls lore about the Dwemer. This was so awesome to me that it has now inspired me to write my own tale set in TES Lore about that expands on the Hist, the Argonians, Sithis, and Umbriel.

    Official Synopsis:

    "Lost in the very halls of Oblivion, forgotten to all in Nirn, lies a hidden realm that has existed before time itself. Before the Divines came into existence. Before the Deadra began twisting the lands. But now it is time for this realm to become known to all those in Tamriel. A young Argonian in Windhelm called Tra-Vel is having terrible visions from which he cannot tell the source. However, he can feel a fa…

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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hello everyone, IFW here. Wasup? Anyway, with the release of the Alliances At War trailer, it inspired me to make this blog. Anyway, we don't know everything about the Daggerfall Covenant, the Aldemeri Dominion, and the Ebonheart Pact, so what would like to have  in the Alliances. People? Customs? Lore? Anything is welcomed here.

    Also, what faction are you in favor of? Post here :D.

    Favorite Alliance: Ebonheart Pact

    Why: My favorite races in Skyrim are the Argonians, Dunmer, and Nord

    Things I Would Love To See: The uneasy tension between the races. It would be cool to see fights break out between the Dunmer and the Argonians, or the Dunmer and the Nords. Also want to see a Hist tree and buy Hist sap at Stormhold.

    Things I Would Like To Know: Si…

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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hello everyone, IFW here. This is my first Thoughts On Lore Blog, which is basically me discussing different pieces from Nirn's lore. To start off this blog, I'm going to talk about the Argonians and the Hist. I hope you enjoy, and I would really enjoy your inpute.

    I do not own any of the quotes and facts in this blog. They are owned by Bethesada.

    It has been said by many characters and books throught the The Elder Scrolls that the Hist are a race of trees as old - or even older - than Nirn. I was investigating on in the Imperial Library when I discovered these incredible facts (all quotes and facts are from the Infernal City and the Lord of Souls):

    Quote: “The Hist were many, and they were one. Their roots buried deep beneath the black soul and s…

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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hello everyone. I'm IceFireWarden14 (but I like being called IFW; less of a handfull to say :)) and I'm writing this blog mainly about the mysterious Elder Scrolls VI. Races, Regions, Game Elements, The Protagonist, Enemies, etc. Anything that you all want to discuss about TES: VI will be discussed here, so let's get started!

    No completely new races. I've heard rumors about the Snow Elves being made into playable characters in VI, and I like that idea. The Snow Elves are pretty cool, finally emerging from what everyone else has thought be to be extinction. But introducing completely new races would be devasting to ES. Let's just keep the ones we have (well, unless Bethesada (I'm probably spelling that wrong, but I'm rushing) sets the new ga…

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