Hello everyone. Recently I was reading a blog about a User named Sevonis about him or her writing a short story set in the Elder Scrolls lore about the Dwemer. This was so awesome to me that it has now inspired me to write my own tale set in TES Lore about that expands on the Hist, the Argonians, Sithis, and Umbriel.

Official Synopsis:

"Lost in the very halls of Oblivion, forgotten to all in Nirn, lies a hidden realm that has existed before time itself. Before the Divines came into existence. Before the Deadra began twisting the lands. But now it is time for this realm to become known to all those in Tamriel. A young Argonian in Windhelm called Tra-Vel is having terrible visions from which he cannot tell the source. However, he can feel a familiar 'tug', a deadly sense that is telling him that a Hist is trying to contact him. But he is disturbed by the fact none of his kin feel this sense. Curious and filled with a foreboding premonition, Tra-Vel travels home to Black Marsh along with his arrogant but good friend T'Maro, where he discovers that all of the Hist trees are mysteriously dying out and if the Hist die, the Argonians surely will as well. Following the call of the unknown Hist, the two set out on quest to find a cure for the trees, which will carry them deeper into Oblivion then anyone else has ever delved…and discover the secret to the Hist's existence"

Things That Will Be Covered In The Novel:

1) Brinishist is the oldest plane in Oblivion, and was created when Sithis's body, both coporeal and ethreal, dried up as his blood created both the Daedra and Aedra and dissolved into the Void. However, his spiritual essence later gave 'birth' to the realm. It is inaccessible to all that do not know of its existence; however, some who learn of it have often traveled there never to return. Brinishist itself is a paradise of plants and greenery cursed with eternal dawn and dusk, meaning that time does not work within it.

2) The Hist originate from Brinishist, starting out as regular plants that grew into sentient, beautiful, intelligent, bipedal trees similar to Spriggans. The race lived in peace, and like the Dwemer, researched often. However, the Hist were interested in alchemy and science rather than machines. Over time, the Hist created the first organic animal inside their realm. It was clearly reptillian, but parts of it's body was made out of treebark. The Hist later named it Argonian, and later bonded it to them both physically and mentally before creating more of it's kind. However, the days of Brinishist  was ending. The realm was unwounding itself piece by piece, and there was nothing the Hist could to prevent their home from ripping apart. So they decided to leave. Using a powerful alchemic ritual, the Hist were able to rip open the very fabric of Oblivion temporary to teleport themselves and the Argonians to Nirn. However, upon entry into Tamriel, the magic displacement combined with their own personal physologies and the fact of being in a place with time resulted in both races  taking on drastic new appearances. The Hist became gigantic trees with a hive mind, while the Argonians became taller, fully sentient bipedal lizardmen. However, the two races still shared their mental bond and the Argonians traveled with the Hist until they found a suitable home within Black Marsh, where the Hist used their new abilities to genetically alter the race to better suit the environment. (This event happened during the Dawn Era and directly before the Merethic Era).

3) The Hist are what inspired the Dwemer in their pursuit of science after a group of them traveled through Black Marsh and encountered the sentient trees, who shared their knowledge with the Mer about Brinishist…for a price.

4) Ellane is an Dwemer female who is revealed to be trapped in Brinishist after Tra-Vel and T'Maro travel there. She explains that Brinishist fades into nonexistance and back every 500 years, and that she was trapped here with several of her colleagues after the Alchemic ritual destroyed their tools to get back home. She, however, states sadly that all of her other colleagues except one Dwemer named Ravern have died. Ellane then expresses that they can travel home with Tra-Vel and T'Maro to reunite with the rest of their race, with the two of them neglecting to tell her that the Dwemer has vanished.

5) Tra-Vel and T'Maro briefly meet the Dragonborn standing in Whiterun reading a book. However, they do not outright describe them and can only tell that they are wearing Dragonscale Armor, but do note they are reading a "rather black book with strange symbols. Yes, a rather black book indeed"...

Well, I'm done. If there is anything you guys want to correct, disapprove of, or want me to add to the story just post it! I would really like responses to this, so thank you all and have a good day or night.