Hello everyone. I'm IceFireWarden14 (but I like being called IFW; less of a handfull to say :)) and I'm writing this blog mainly about the mysterious Elder Scrolls VI. Races, Regions, Game Elements, The Protagonist, Enemies, etc. Anything that you all want to discuss about TES: VI will be discussed here, so let's get started!


No completely new races. I've heard rumors about the Snow Elves being made into playable characters in VI, and I like that idea. The Snow Elves are pretty cool, finally emerging from what everyone else has thought be to be extinction. But introducing completely new races would be devasting to ES. Let's just keep the ones we have (well, unless Bethesada (I'm probably spelling that wrong, but I'm rushing) sets the new game in Akavir (see below)).


Major debate here!! On the Bethesada Forums, the top three are Black Marsh, Summerset Isle, and Hammerfell. So instead of citing what I believe, I'm just going to put the respected regions, the rating of 1 out of 10, and what plotlines could along with them. (All plotlines involve have some connection to finally defeating the Thalmor (BLASTED ELVES)).

Summerset Isle

Rating: 9/10

Reason: Uh, duh. What way to finally destroy the Thalmor then going to their homeland and kicking their ass? (Gangsta style XD)

Plot: Taking place a couple years after the events of Skyrim, the Player starts the game off on a warship in the Imperial Fleet, as a new recruit in the Imperial Army. The Imperials are traveling to the Isles to speak with their head of government about the White Gold Concordant (misspelled I know >.<). However, the Altmer attack the Warship and the Player is wrecked on the Isles. Now the Player and the few surviving members of the Fleet must alone finish off the Thalmor until reinforcements arrive from Cyrodill.

Black Marsh

Rating: 8/10

Reason: Black Marsh is so mysterious. Time to unravel it's many secrets, specifically, the Hist.

Plot: Right where Skyrim lets off, the Dragonborn is faced with a problem from the Jarls. A strange sickness has begun to spread across Skyrim and all of Tamriel, killing it's people and turning their bodies into bark like material. A strange voice then begins to talk to you. The voice is infact the Eldergleam, which turns out to be a rogue Hist that knows the Hist in Argonia are creating the Sickness underthreat of the Thalmor. And so we go...



Reason: I know a lot of people who are screaming "ELSWEYR, PLEASE ELSWEYR" but I don't know why, so I'm putting his here for them. Because, you know, I'm a pretty nice guy.

Plot: With Skyrim left in confusion because of the Stormcloak/Empire War, the Thalmor have been secretly sending trrops to Elsweyr, where they have a newfound interest in the Khajit. Play as a young but deadly Thalmor operative who discovers why the Altmer want the Khajit...and how far they'll go to get them.


Rating: 9.5/10

Reason: Hammerfell was the only province to suceed in repelling the Aldmeri Dominion (>.< mispelled). Wouldn't it be interesting if they tried again?

Plot: The Aldmeri Dominion have already failed once. They won't fail again... (nuff said) :D

Game Elements

Elements I want to see in the game by category.


  • Fast Traveling
  • Boat Traveling
  • Healthfire Features, but redone
  • Underwater Landscapes
  • Be able to kill Essential NPC's (would change the story in a minor, but interesting way)
  • Be able to climb trees
  • Be able to make camps in the countryside, and eventually build your own house. (It's your base of operations, and far away from all the other citizens)


  • Spears (I. WANT. SPEARS)
  • Revised Horse Combat
  • Underwater Combat (Wrestle that Mudcrab and kick it's ass underwater!! :D)
  • Traps (Beartraps, Needle Pitts, etc.)

The Protagonist

I would like to see the protagonist for the next game either be a Thalmor Agent who splits from the group, a young Imperial soldier, or the Dragonborn from Skyrim.

So that was my Analysis, even though it's not really an Analysis. Add your own stuff below. Thanks for listening. :D