Hello people, I've played all of the Elder Scrolls, and I want everybody to post their predictions for the game here. Here is mine in two simple titles:

Elder Scrolls VI: Hist

The Argonians are always being seconhand races in the series, susceptible to racism and never taking important roles in the series's plot. They should totally have a game centered around them. Here's the details:

Setting- Fourth Era, 268, Argonia/Skyrim/Morrowind/Cyrodill

Plot- Although Alduin has been defeated, his presence has tore rips through time that is tearing Nirn apart. The Dragonborn and the last Dragons have disappeared from the lands, leaving the citizens of Tamriel to fend for theirselves. The blame for this incident has tore the Aldmeri Dominion apart, and a second Great War has begun.

In their haste to save Nirn, the Divines and the Daedra have formed a temporary alliance to save everything. Akatosh and Mehrunes Dragon have travel to Tamriel to find the Hist Warrior, a mortal man or warrior descended from the legendary Hist. The Hist is the most powerful race in all of Tamriel, the first things to ever populate the land. However, the first Hist was lost when the Dreumer took it many years ago, and now the Dreumer is gone. Only the First Hist has the power to save Nirn.

Now the Champion of the Immortales and the Daedra, the Hist Warrior travels into the farthest reaches of Tamriel to find the legendary first tHist of Lore... and discover their guardians, the still very much alive Dreumer!!

Well that was my prediction for the next Elder Scrolls. The game will be centered around Argonians and how everyone believes they are connected to the Hist. I hope you enjoy it, and post your own predictions here!!!