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  • Ikabite

    Case of Jyggalag

    February 28, 2014 by Ikabite

    Due to the great chat disruption, that happened yesterday, I'll be making this accessible by public. For a discussion on provided information, please, leave your comments here and keep it out of the chat, or at least the public space. Previous publication was avoided due to potential drama and Jyggalag "fixing" up his act.

    I also highly suggest reading though the whole blog first and commenting later.

    The user Shor Nordic God of Mankind is the same person as user Jyggalag Daedric Prince of Order despite the negative IP check results. A proxy or other similar workaround was used.

    First bit observed by anyone is, of course, the naming. With it goes the recent spike in activity and equal time of activity (timezones).

    Several users have noticed si…

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  • Ikabite

    According to an analyst from GameSpot, despite the promised monthly paid subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online, it will eventually shift to a free-to-play model. This will, without doubt, add microtransactions.


    So what are your thoughts on this? Should it be free-to-play or should it stick to monthly subscription model, or do you have any other possible payment ideas?

    I, personally, think that monthly fees filter the community making it more mature and therefore more likeable. Additionally, microtransactions, most of the time, mean that you'd have to spend a lot more in the game to actually be good at it.

    Edit: Eh, had to add "One time purchase" option.

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  • Ikabite

    Should be name the gem?

    January 4, 2012 by Ikabite

    Hello, fellow Dragonborn!

    I am still new around here, but I've been making some minor fixes and done little jobs around, as well as participating in some discussions. Currently I got into studying "The Wolf Queen" books. Strangely enaugh, it seems noone has bothered to make pages for mentioned historical characters, places and events. So I am slowly making those, but it's not near to to being complete, yet. Those pages that are already there are still chaotic and incomplete. Give me some time and I'll fix them all up.

    There is certain soul gem mentioned throughout the books. The soul gem Emperor Pelagius's II wife Quintilla, mother of infamous Wolf Queen of Solitude, Potema Septim, infused with soul of demonic werewolf. The gem has been presen…

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