Due to the great chat disruption, that happened yesterday, I'll be making this accessible by public. For a discussion on provided information, please, leave your comments here and keep it out of the chat, or at least the public space. Previous publication was avoided due to potential drama and Jyggalag "fixing" up his act.

I also highly suggest reading though the whole blog first and commenting later.


The user Shor Nordic God of Mankind is the same person as user Jyggalag Daedric Prince of Order despite the negative IP check results. A proxy or other similar workaround was used.


Old Habits Die Hard

General Similarities

First bit observed by anyone is, of course, the naming. With it goes the recent spike in activity and equal time of activity (timezones).

Chat Behavior

Several users have noticed similarities in the behavior. And I would be glad if someone could add something more specific as well. But here is what caught my eye:

  • Mentions of "heartlessness" - Jyggalag's signature texts.
  • Special attention to every female - as well as Jyggalag, Shor sent private messages to relatively new users, who confirmed themselves as female.
  • Did you bang her? - Upon couple of private messages and a story from me, Shor expressed similar interests as Jyggalag; relationship and sex; without any previous mentions or implications from me.

Forum Contributions

Jyggalag used his, now confirmed, alts on his own forum posts, often interacting with himself. Example.

Previous contributions of Shor fit the pattern.

Another interesting piece is similar style and wording. This can be observed in the Invasion of Nirn RP thread. To make it easier to observe, I suggest finding Shor's post and using the Ctrl + F feature. Pick specific wording used and see how it is only used by Shor and Jyggalag. (Combat description is the best giveaway)

Mainspace Edits

Not much can be added here as Jyggalag wasn't a dedicated mainspace editor. However, here is an interesting bit: Jyggalag and Shor.


Familiarity of the Community

While sometimes trying to accent that he is new, Shor was familiar to the community. Despite his recent appearance in the chat, he was familiar with people, who haven't even been in the chat since his appearance.

Bad Acting

I believe, that by now Jyggalag is somewhat experienced role-player, but Shor did some over the top accenting of "I DID NOT KNOW THAT". And that's an exact quote from the chat.

For something observable see the interaction of the two: Shor and Jyggalag.

Effort and care

Within 11 minutes after the ban was placed on Shor, Jyggalag had summoned people to defend Shor in the public chat. The quick response time adds to the suspicion.

Seeing previous behavior of Jyggalag, I do not think he would care enough to put an effort in "saving" Shor.

More Accounts

Tomb received a list of 26 accounts, that can be seen here. This list doesn't include some other accounts, that have sprung up just after his ban:


One Million Dollars

Yesterday in an alternate chat Jyggalag attempted to blackmail two users. He also changed his name to the ridiculous "Lucifer the Lord of Lies" and explained how he could not be banned, and how he'll be back, hinting the use of a workaround.


While all of these pieces of evidence may not be sufficient to prove Shor's "fault" alone. The combination of all is enough to prove his guilt.


I have excluded using specific users in the blog for their privacy. But I welcome anyone who can confirm my claims and add more evidence to the matter.