• ImGyRro

    Race: Wood Elf

    Playstyle: Hunter/Commoner

    Difficulty: master 

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Quest Boundaries: Common Only. Frequents Inns for odd jobs. Finding and buying a house.

    Economics: Must make all money by either killing and selling wildlife. Woodcutting and other practical jobs are allowed.

    Clothing: Nothing that cannot be directly related to occupation. Will be fur or hide armors. Regular Commoner Clothing allowed as well.

    Weapons: Limited to Iron/Steel arrows, and wooden or rustic Bows. Also may use akimbo Iron/Steel Daggers.

    Limitations/Restrictions: Must spend the night either in shelter or at an inn. Must carry a dagger and a bow at all times. Must carry a days supply of Food/Drink on excursions. No health/stamina/fortifying potions allowed…

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