Race: Wood Elf

Playstyle: Hunter/Commoner

Difficulty: master 

Alignment: Lawful Good

Quest Boundaries: Common Only. Frequents Inns for odd jobs. Finding and buying a house.

Economics: Must make all money by either killing and selling wildlife. Woodcutting and other practical jobs are allowed.

Clothing: Nothing that cannot be directly related to occupation. Will be fur or hide armors. Regular Commoner Clothing allowed as well.

Weapons: Limited to Iron/Steel arrows, and wooden or rustic Bows. Also may use akimbo Iron/Steel Daggers.

Limitations/Restrictions: Must spend the night either in shelter or at an inn. Must carry a dagger and a bow at all times. Must carry a days supply of Food/Drink on excursions. No health/stamina/fortifying potions allowed. No smiting beyond Hide allowed, unless making arrows, if available with Dawn guard. 

Leveling Restrictions: only 3 health upgrades, Only up to 5 Stamina upgrades. Rest must be dumped into magic and be unused. No upgrading perk trees outside of occupation boundaries.

Morals: Absolutely no stealing/murder/bribery. If crimes committed, sentence must be served. Only attack non-animal entities if attacked first.

Primary Deity: Zenithar. All other amulets can be sold, or gifted. Other shrines may be visited, but no praying for the blessing 

War Viewpoints: Imperial Legion

Shouts/Powers: none

Fast Travel: Denied

Carriages: Allowed but i will not use.

Allowed Perk Trees: -Archery -Sneak -Light Armor -One Handed

Poisons: Must be purchased or harvested (frostbite venom). May only be used on animals.

Hometown: none. living at inns and traveling often. Trying to raise enough money to buy a house  Other: must limit carry weight to 80 pounds. should wait after forging items, cooking and eating, reading, and tanning leather. After swimming let clothes dry out, or change into something else. After making you living as a hunter you may want to consider joining the legion/ stomrcloaks as an archer. and so on with the other guilds, but only after you have made a living off of hunting and trapping. YOU ARE NOT DRAGONBORN tips: Sneak often and don't sprint. Get a good bow and learn to upgrade it. Run from sprigions or other threats that you don't think you can handle. Get a dog. will keep updating my progress and details of my DID play-through  _________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Characters backstory: growing up under the wing of his widowed father, Rantok Fletcher lived a nice an calm life. The Fletchers were hunters by trade, and lived one day at a time. During  one hunting trip, he along with his dad and a small group of hunters were out on a 3 day trip, walking through the wilderness they were ambushed. Rantok later awoke in bindings and with the realization that he was in a slave camp and he would never seen his father again. he was about 15 at the time. he was sold by the slavers to an upper middle class imperial family, he was treated well and he was never worked too hard, more like a servant. after 6 years with the family he learned the imperial customs and tradition, taking some in and following them. His owner was an arms merchant for the imperial army and when he caught news of the rebellion is skyrim, he and his man servant packed up and headed that way. Not too many days after setting out the couple came across a pack of wild wolfs that killed Rantok's owner. As he was running away from the wolfs that didn't stop to feed he unknowingly crossed into the border of skyrim, he is later caught by a group of imperials and they see that he has the mark of the slave. hes is bound and sentenced to running from his master. he is then found on the back of a carriage headed for helgen ImGyRro (talk) 03:57, December 6, 2013 (UTC)Harley