Once Skyrim is out I plan to do my first real Roleplaying character. An Argonian

Now I am searching for the best name for him. What I know so far:

  • Argonians live their first few years without having a name. Then they'll be observed by their parents for some time, and given a name according to what fits them best
  • Those names can be either in human language or in the argonian hist language
  • They normally consist of 2-5 words, divided by hyphens

My argonian will be some sort of Assassin. Dual wielding daggers and shooting arrows. But he only kills those, who he thinks are horrible people and deserve to die.

I don't want my Character to be named "Shoots-Arrows-Into-Heads", "Hides-In-Shadows" or "Kills-For-Justice" or other english ones. I couldn't take him serious then.

So I'm looking for the perfect Hist name for him. And thats where my problem is. I can't find any translations between Hist words and english. I could make up some names, that sound like Hist. But they wouldn't have a meaning then, missing the point as well.

Well, since some of you are experts in Elder Scrolls lore, and others have simply an infinite amount of good ideas, I ask for your help.

I'd be glad if you tell me any ideas or information for a Hist name.

And if thats not possible, just give me some english argonian names, which you think sound cool. Maybe I will change my mind if I see a good one.