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    So I'm trying to figure out the difference between a battlemage and a spellsword, but YouTube, the Wikia, has me all kinds of confused.

    Here's what I think, before I started researching, what a battlemage and a spellsword sounded like

    A Battlemage: A mostly mage, in heavy battle armor, who may uses swords sometimes but is mostly a heavy offensive mage right?

    A Spellsword: A 50/50 mage warrior who uses light armor, and is almost like a scout, using the best of both worlds and is quick and agile.

    Then I started researching and got conflicting results.

    It was mostly between Oblivion descriptions vs Morrowind descriptions, because they are so contradicting. 

    So in Morrowind it says this: Classes (Morrowind) 

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