I apologize in the first place that I even feel compelled to write this. This entire wiki is, after all, for the benefit of the players, and thus in many cases one should be wary of coming down too hard on contributors. But as time goes on, I simply get tired of some recurring issues which are apparent on this wiki. I have used the Mass Effect wiki for some time, and at least as far as content is concerned, they run a very tight ship. I'd never presume to demand adherence to some other wiki's standards, knowing that I myself am far from perfect, so I'll just keep my rants focused on only the most basic issues:

  1. There seems to be a plague of contributor discussion happening inside the content of many, many articles. Each article has a talk page for a reason, it astounds me that more contributors aren't rising to curb this issue, since it really taints the quality of the article content.
  2. Many content pages are simply dripping opinion, some of it related to the moral quality of game characters. Content is about the game, therefore anything other than hard facts or recommendations that are supported by a fair amount of testing should be really left to the talk pages. And really, do we need to point at certain characters and call them evil and point at others and call them good? I'd love it if we left these things up to the player to consider, in the true spirit of the Elder Scrolls series.
  3. Several pages are left half finished, their content scattered about, headings with no content. I think it would be preferable to either leave a page as a stub, with very general information, or take the time to write out the content in complete detail. Anything in between just looks really ugly.

If anyone takes exception to my criticism, I welcome your opinions. All I ask is that you consider that I am not calling on the admins to fix my headaches, but for all contributors to do their part in keeping the wiki attractive and informative. If you're wondering, yes, I am myself fixing these issues where I can, assuming I have the time to set aside to do so. Incrognito (talk) 22:51, January 4, 2012 (UTC)