• J'lixan

    Okay, This theory is based on personal opinion, previous main game locations and ESO locations.

    As first, The locations what can be effaced on instant are: Skyrim and Cyrodiil. Those 2 provinces made up the location of the past 3 games, Thus the chance Bethesda will consider doing it? Almost zero. Then we have TES 3: Morrowind. That game was set in vvardenfall, Not fully morrowind. So that one won't be eliminated on instant. The elder scrolls 2: Daggerfall bethesda used High rock and Hammerfell, It is right now a significant time ago, So the change they do it there? The chance is small, Like morrowind. 

    Next there are the summerset isles, The possiblity of bethesda making it there take place will be a medium chance. Remember in TES 4 the shi…

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