• JDubUC

    Vigilant Of Stendarr

    February 8, 2013 by JDubUC

    I am a avid Skyrim Player and this is a build for Playing a Vigilant of Stendarr

    Race: Characters choice (Argonians have the highest starting Restoration skill)

    Suggested Skills: One-Handed Weapon (Mace), Restoration (Necromage), Destruction

    Stone: The Apprentice Stone

    Dress: Starting Apprentice Hood and outfit found in Helgen, Heavy Armor, Guantlets and Boots

    OBJECTIVE: Destroy Daedric Artifacts or lock them out so the are not eligible in you game. Destroy Vampires, Werewolves, and the Undead. LIMITATIONS:  Never enchant or use soul gems, and keep a low crime count 

    Suggested Quest Path:

    1.  Dragonborn is noble and the dragons are a blight on the land.  Therefore start there they are a great evil that needs to be banished.

    2. Go to the Hall of th…

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