I am a avid Skyrim Player and this is a build for Playing a Vigilant of Stendarr

Race: Characters choice (Argonians have the highest starting Restoration skill)

Suggested Skills: One-Handed Weapon (Mace), Restoration (Necromage), Destruction

Stone: The Apprentice Stone

Dress: Starting Apprentice Hood and outfit found in Helgen, Heavy Armor, Guantlets and Boots

OBJECTIVE: Destroy Daedric Artifacts or lock them out so the are not eligible in you game. Destroy Vampires, Werewolves, and the Undead. LIMITATIONS:  Never enchant or use soul gems, and keep a low crime count 

Suggested Quest Path:

1.  Dragonborn is noble and the dragons are a blight on the land.  Therefore start there they are a great evil that needs to be banished.

2. Go to the Hall of the Vigilant southwest of Dawnstar (Train Restoration with the Keeper)

3. Go to the College of Winterhold  and complete I think is a noble cause and stops a catastrophic event

4. Stop Tyrannus from entering the House of Horror Daedric quest in Markarth.

The list goes on "Let me know what you think"