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    Are admins for real?

    April 12, 2012 by JIGSAW 4

    Ok so, a few of you on here may have read my other blog named: "I'm back". If you did read that then you'll know that i was banned a few weeks ago by an admin just because i said a few jokes and had a few laughs. Well i have something to say to you "admins", LEARN HOW TO TAKE A JOKE! i'm not just saying this for myself but everyone else who has recently been banned for stuff like bad usernames and minor vandalism, what the hell? don't be so serious, admins. Haha, you guys are acting like it's your full-time job or something. Relax and just calm down a bit.

    Please leave comments below!

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  • JIGSAW 4

    I'm back.

    April 6, 2012 by JIGSAW 4

    recently i was banned by "deyvid petteys" for quite frankly, nothing. Look i don't care who this guy is or if he's an admin or not. I didn't know there was a law that said i wasn't allowed to say "i kill dragons on master difficulty with my bare hands". Some of you probably think i'm trolling when i'm just boasting, let's be honest though, my skill is unmatched. So, anyway can you "admins" out there stop banning people for idiotic reasons? i know people are going to reply to this with: "YOUR NOT AN ADMIN" or "DON'T TELL US HOW TO RUN THIS SITE!". Yep, so that's it.

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    Battlehorn castle?

    February 17, 2012 by JIGSAW 4

    Does anybody think there should be a DLC in skyrim that involves capturing a castle and keeping it? a bit like oblivion's battlehorn castle. It would be nice to have a huge fort in the mountains somewhere and hire mercs and servants.

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