• JIGSAW 4.6


    June 15, 2014 by JIGSAW 4.6

    First of all, yes I know everyone is probably going to say "vandal" or something but I think this blog is valid and represents what a bad state this wiki is really in.

    I think this wiki can be just an excuse to chat about randommess when EVERYTHING said on this wiki should be about the Elder Scrolls and NOTHING more. It really is sad and this wiki could probably be decent if everybody here just focused on Elder Scrolls. The "chat" feature on this wiki is without a doubt just a place to visit when bored which again in it's own right is sad and 95% of things said on there aren't even relevant to what the wiki is about.

    Now, the admins here need to realise that they aren't running an Elder Scrolls wiki here, they're running a joke full of users…

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