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Summerset Isle

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3E 273

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Third and Fourth

"I have survived everything the Divines have thrown at me. Your attacks will not phase me."

Altus is a Sorcerer and the founder of The Lightning Mercenaries, a band of magic-using warriors.


Early Life

Altus was born on the 3rd of Sun's Dusk, 3E 273. Like most other Altmer, he was born in Summerset Isle to Altmer parents. His parents were both skilled mages who had lived since the Second Era. As Altus was growing up, his parents passed their magical knowledge onto him. Their magical knowledge was passed on easily because all Altmer have the racial trait of being naturally gifted in all magical schools.[1]

Altus' favourite school of magic was always destruction, that was the school he was most skilled in. Altus also enjoyed conjuration and illusion. In his immaturity, Altus used to play pranks on the other Altmer children in his town with the use of illusion. Altus found it a fun way to pass the time and it also helped him to improve his magical abilities.

When Altus was fifteen, he met Noctira Silque for the first time. She was the first non-Altmer he had ever seen, since she was a Dunmer. Noctira Silque was a traveler and was searching for one of the big cities in the Summerset Isle, she spoke to Altus whom was just a teenager. Altus felt slightly wary at the sight of Noctira, she had peculiar eyes and long fangs. Speaking quickly, Altus told Noctira the location to the city she was looking for. Noctira began speaking of her life, she mentioned that she was over 2,000 years old. Altus gasped at the large number, he hesistantly asked how she had lived for so long. Noctira said, "There are many ways to live for this many years, through magic, luck or a certain blessing." Altus was about to ask about the blessing but Noctira had already began walking down the road. Noctira told Altus to visit her in Morrowind in a few hundred years.

Altus grew up a lot more after his encounter with Noctira Silque, he became a lot more mature and he grew in height. On his 21st birthday, Altus had finally hit adulthood.

Early Adulthood

Shortly after his ascention to adulthood, Altus moved to the Imperial City in Cyrodiil, where he became a teacher at the Arcane University as well as a writer. His books were always about the same subject: magic. At the university, he taught destruction and occassionally illusion. Being a young elf, Altus still had a lot to learn and was assisted by his peers.

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  • In all his appearances, Altus has had an scar over his right eye.

Behind the Scenes

Altus is a user-made character created by JackD791. [7]