I just created my (100th) character on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I've made a little backstory to this guy though.

Mulciber Krex

Mulciber Krex was born in 4E 176 and is the great-nephew of Festus Krex, Mulciber is a powerful and wise young wizard who knows how to use his powers for righteousness and honor. Of course, he has no idea his great-uncle is a cold-blooded assassin.


Mulciber Krex was born in Leyawiin, Cyrodiil to unknown parents. His parents left him on the doorstep of the Great Chapel of Zenithar. The priests took him in. Mulciber Krex was taught the ways of the Eight Divines and lived his life strictly by the code. The priests taught him basic restoration and illusion magic in case he ever got in to trouble. Mulciber appreciated everything they had done but couldn't help wanting to find out about his family.

Mulciber travelled to High Rock in 4E 196 to see if he could find anything out about his origins. His search proved useless but he did come across something interesting. His second name, Krex, coming up on a wanted poster. It showed an older man who looked just like him (no, it isn't Festus) and Mulciber wondered if the man was his father. Mulciber Krex tore the poster from the wall and searched for answers.

Mulciber moved onto Daggerfall, where he stayed in a small inn. The inn was quiet and Mulciber had a few ales before heading off to bed. At around 3:00 in the morning, a loud crash awoke Mulciber. Mulciber got some spells ready for an attack. He rushed out the door and saw him. The man he was searching for.

"Father?" Mulciber called.

Mulciber's father looked up and across to his wife.

"Is that you? Son?" he replied.

"I don't know... Why are you here?" Mulciber questioned.

"We're doing our job, son." Mulciber's mother called back.

Mulciber looked at the room full of bodies and blood.

"What!? Your jobs!? What kind of sick bastards would do this!?" Mulciber shouted in horror.

"We do... We're members of the Dark Brotherhood. Me and your father have been for many years, over 20 I believe. Yes... well before you were born. We specialise in big attacks, we like the screams of pain... Sithis and we are warmed by them. It's about time we met, at the time we didn't want you brought up in such a civilisation, but now... You can join us... Or die."

"By the Eight, you are monsters. You deserve nothing more than death!" Mulciber retorted as he lifted his hands.

"Fine... I shall kill you myself" Mulciber's father said.

Mulciber remembered a spell he had known his whole life: Flames. He lifted his hand into the air and burnt everything around him. His mother and father included. They were only hurt slightly as they came lunging towards him, daggers drawn. Mulciber dived to the ground as they came and they instead hit the wall. Mulciber grabbed a tavern glass from a table and smashed it on his mother's head and smashed the palm of his hand into his father's skull. In the moment, Mulciber also let out a flame spell, through the hand holding his father's head. The flames melted his brain and left him lifeless. Mulciber, in a moment of rage, kicked down on his mother's back, snapping her spine and killing her.

After he had done the deeds, Mulciber was horrified. The guards came rushing in and Mulciber was arrested.

Five years later, he broke out of jail. He couldn't stand the horror and torment anymore and he broke down the wall that had been crumbling for years. Mulciber ran all the way to Cyrodiil. Kept alive only through the use of his magicka. Imperial guards were still everywhere in Cyrodiil and he couldn't risk being caught and so he headed north.

Right in between the clash of a Stormcloak army and an Imperial Army.