Selkin Golaza was born 16th Rain's Hand 3E 414 in High Rock. His parents were noble wizards in the city of Daggerfall and they had good connections with the King. Selkin was a spoilt lad and got whatever he wanted. But the thing Selkin wanted most was knowledge. From an early age Selkin worshipped Hermaeus Mora. His parents knew what he was doing and didn't like it. They tried to stop Selkin worshipping the Daedric Prince of Knowledge and it ended in their demise. One day, Selkin was sat, meditating on the Knowledge Hermaeus Mora had given him. His parents walked in and tried to give him a potion to cure his "illness". Hermaeus Mora did not like this and possessed Selkin for a short time. He possessed Selkin to cast an almighty fire spell (which he did not know how to use) and burn his parents and his manor. When Selkin awoke from his "trance" he was in the middle of the High Rock wilderness.

Hermaeus Mora told Selkin what had happened but Selkin Golaza did not stop worshipping him, instead he swore by his religion even further. Selkin travelled all the way to Cyrodiil in 3E 430 to be with the Hermaeus Mora worshippers in the Jerall Mountains.

Three years later, Selkin heard of an Oblivion Gate opening outside of Kvatch. Selkin Golaza decided to travel there. He met with a man, who stupidly claimed he was going to shut the gate to Oblivion. Selkin laughed in his face but recieved a vision from Hermaeus Mora to help the man because Mehrunes Dagon was coming. Selkin reluctantly helped the man to destroy the gate of Oblivion.

Selkin and the man (the Hero of Kvatch) became good friends and he convinced Selkin to stop relying so much on Hermaeus Mora. Selkin Golaza agreed with the man and stopped all contact with the Daedric Prince of Knowledge. With his tie to knowledge severed Selkin grew hungry for more knowledge. So he joined the Mages Guild thinking he could make a difference.

Selkin Golaza learned many spells and incantations from the Mages Guild and he rose their ranks quickly. He was a very experienced wizard at the young age of 19. Unfortunately for him, a new problem had arose. Mannimarco, King of Worms was preparing a huge attack on the Mages Guild.

Selkin trained and trained and trained. Selkin was an all powerful wizard, a master at Conjuration, Destruction and Illusion he was not one to be trifled with. Selkin rose even higher in the ranks of the Mages Guild and eventually was tasked in finding the Collosal Black Soulgem. Selkin found it when he destroyed Falcar - the wizard who joined Selkin up for the Mages Guild. The battle was immense but Selkin Golaza came out of it relatively unscathed.

When Selkin returned to the Arcane University, Arch-Magister Traven was in waiting. Selkin handed over the Soulgem and expected Traven to charge out of the University to face Mannimarco but he was wrong. Traven explained that his soul would fill the Soulgem and that Selkin could use this to his advantage in the battle with Mannimarco. Selkin Golaza offered to be a replacement but Traven refused, stating that Selkin was the new Arch-Magister of the Cyrodil Mages' Guild. Selkin didn't have time to object or reason with Traven because he had already commited suicide for the benefit of the Mages Guild.

Selkin Golaza travelled to Echo Cave near Bruma to challenge Mannimarco he dealt with his Necromancer pawns easily enough and quickly made it to Mannimarco's Lair. The two went into battle, the Breton wizard and the Lich, Mannimarco.

Selkin fired a lightning bolt at Mannimarco, it narrowly missed him as he teleported behind Selkin. He sensed Mannimarco's presence and charged a shock spell through his body and elbowed the lich in the rib. The lich was took by surprise and Selkin grabbed hold of his wrist and released a flame spell through his hand. The lich was burning as Selkin flipped him onto the ground. Suddenly Mannimarco floated up high and flew at incredible speed right back down he landed on the ground beside Selkin and released a frost spell at Selkin's legs. He was stuck to the ground as Mannimarco circled around him. His bony hands reached towards Selkin's head as he charged up a powerful flame spell. This is it Selkin thought. But suddenly one of Selkin's legs broke free and he lashed his leg at Mannimarco's leg and sweeped him to the floor. Selkin shocked the lich as he led on the ground. Mannimarco was hurt. Selkin used his powerful telekenesis to pick the lich off of the ground. The lich was dragged magically to wall and suddenly slammed against it. Mannimarco grimaced and summoned a sword. Selkin did the same. The two came charging at each other and slammed the bound swords against each other. The power shattered both of the magically obtained swords and Selkin and Mannimarco seized each other. They both charged up powerful spells. They were both shock spells and they were both released at the same time. The power flung the two at opposite ends of the lair. Selkin panted and then charged at Mannimarco as he was stunned. He grabbed Mannimarco's skeletal neck and held him high. Selkin moved over to the edge of the cave and looked down the chasm. There was no end. Selkin didn't realise the spell Mannimarco was charging up until he had released it. It's power threw both of them into the chasm, below.

Selkin, falling with Mannimarco prayed to Hermaeus Mora to grant him a spell powerful enough to defeat the lich. Selkin's prayer came true and he had a chance to defeat Mannimarco by using the combined might of frost, fire and shock. Selkin charged up the magnificent spell and released it. The might of it destroyed Mannimarco's body and Selkin was left holding on to dust. Selkin quickly came to his senses and realised that the chasm he was falling in had to have an end somewhere. Selkin accepted his fate but knew he had defeated his prime enemy. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a grotesque mass of tentacles rose from the dark chasm. It flew high into the air with Selkin on it. It was Hermaeus Mora himself! Selkin Golaza was raised as high as the cave floor and was ejected off of the monster's back. He thanked Hermaeus Mora right away and returned to the Arcane University.

Selkin Golaza was rendered a hero by all the people in the Arcane University. Selkin was the Arch-Magister and things ran smoothly for the Mages Guild until 4E 01 (after the Oblivion Crisis). Selkin, being awe-struck for meeting Hermaeus Mora, tried to summon the Daedra's physical form once again. Selkin made the experiment himself, he went almost insane on the idea. Selkin Golaza sacrificed three mage apprentices and stabbed himself near the heart just to please his lord but nothing worked. Selkin became depressed when he no longer had visions of his lord and he eventually couldn't live with himself. Selkin remained in seclusion in the Arcane University all hours of the day, practicing Alchemy. Eventually, when trying to make the strongest poison ever, he ate one of his ingredients he mistook for a normal piece of food. Selkin Golaza had a heart attack immediately and died on 19th Heartfire 4E 01.

This wasn't the end of Selkin, however. In 4E 132, as ordered by Hermaeus Mora a Necromancer named Petal searched for Selkin's body in the Imperial City. However, Selkin's body wasn't in the Imperial City. It was in fact in a solitary lair north east of the Imperial City. A place his colleagues created for him when he died (of course all knowledge of this didn't exist since the Mages Guild disbanded). Petal eventually found the lair and ventured down to Selkin's crypt. His body had been magically preserved to not decompose but still age. Selkin Golaza had the appearance of an old man, despite him dying at the age of 20. Petal resurrected Selkin Golaza with the use of reanimation magic, a new human heart (and all vital organs), new eyes that worked but didn't have irises or pupils, new revitalised senses and a new skull which had been fitted with Dwemer metal to stop it from breaking (since his brain was extremely fragile). Petal bowed towards the ancient Breton wizard. Selkin didn't have a clue what was going on and Petal had the courtesy of telling him. Petal also told him of an Elder Scroll that could be used to grant Selkin knowledge of the past, present and future. Selkin thanked Petal and began searching for the Elder Scroll. Petal accompanied him and enjoyed his company.

After three days of travelling, Petal and Selkin reached their destination in Hammerfell. They had to battle countless demons and mosters to get to the Elder Scroll but they eventually made it. Selkin had to use his combined magic to blow the case off the Elder Scroll. When Selkin opened the scroll a burst of magic flew everywhere, knocking both Selkin and Petal back. Whilst Petal was instantly knocked unconscious, Selkin recieved a vision of the past, present and future. Though Selkin's eyes did not register the information, his fragile, ancient brain did. About three minutes later, Petal woke up and Selkin's vision ended. Selkin told Petal what he had seen. She stood in awe of Selkin Golaza and bowed her head when he had finished.

Three days after recieving the information, Selkin had another vision. This time it was set in 4E 201. The vision told him everything, the dragonborn rising, the dragons returning. And the Gods had chose Selkin to become the Dragonborn. Selkin was amazed and remembered Martin Septim - was he like him? Dragonborn? Selkin took a deep breath and told Petal all about it. Petal thought for a moment after the information was spilled.

"I need to do something to you." Petal said.

"Okay..." Selkin replied.

Petal did the work she needed. She had enhanced his body magically to act like it was younger. She couldn't change his age unfortunately but she did manage to change his voice to sound youthful and clear.

"You will need this new voice if you are truly the Dragonborn." Petal explained, "Dragonborn can shout without training and to be honest, that old, ancient, fragile voice of yours wouldn't do the job or sound great."

"Thank you Petal, what will you do when I am needed?" Selkin asked the Dark Elf.

"I will return to the shrine of Hermaeus Mora." Petal replied, looking disheartened.

Over the next 69 years Petal and Selkin travelled to numerous places in Tamriel and even went on an expedition to Akavir where Selkin and Petal gained more knowledge and Selkin Golaza's powers of the Arcane grew. The pair were great friends and it was a tough time when the time had come.

It was 4E 201, Selkin and Petal said goodbye to each other and Selkin went off to fulfill his destiny: by getting arrested. Selkin killed four people in an arcane attack just to be executed. Selkin had seen the future and he knew exactly what he was getting himself into.