Greetings TESWikians!

I have decided to start up a quiz about the Elder Scrolls, just for fun. There is a point system, but no actual prize. On occasion I will post some questions (some harder than others) for anyone to answer. The questions could range from general knowledge, to lore and even gameplay, pretty much anything within the Elder Scrolls universe.


  1. To play, it would be preferred that you have an account here on the wiki, so it is easier to record your current points.
  2. The questions will be numbered, you do not have to answer them in order, and you may answer any unanswered question.
  3. To answer a question state which question you are answering and then give your answer.
  4. In the name of fun, it would be better if you did not look-up the answers. I have no means of enforcing this rule, but it would be a lot better if the more challenging questions took a few guesses before a correct answer is given.
  5. Some questions may contain bonus parts which will be rewarded with bonus points. Some may even be worth more points due to difficulty, but the standard will be 1 point. Questions worth more points will be indicated with an amount in parentheses, and bonus questions will have their worth indicated in a similar manner.
  6. Have fun!



0. What is the fastest system of travel in Skyrim?


0 - Fast travel! (You don't say?)


  1. The Joker~ (26)
  2. AveryWood (7)
  3. Pipdude2000 (6)
  4. TESClaymore (6)
  5. The Iron Draugr (5)
  6. The Crimson Eagle (3)
  7. Jonesy95 (3)
  8. The Milkman (3)
  9. Equillibrium (3)
  10. Cool Fool (2)
  11. Kennyannydenny (2)
  12. Wenteros (1)
  13. DarthOrc (1)

Fin Loanne

Answered questions will be marked with a strikethrough.

  1. What does the title of this section mean? (2) Bonus: What is the name of the language used? (1)
  2. Who is Hjalti Early-Beard more commonly known as?
  3. What hold city was almost completely destroyed by the Great Collapse?
  4. Who is the chief deity in Skyrim? (2)
  5. Where was the Dragonborn prior to the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim?
  6. Name all the provinces that border Skyrim.
  7. Name the treaty that ended the Great War and outlawed Talos worship.
  8. What is another term for "Beastfolk"?
  9. Which Daedric Prince's sphere is ancient darkness?
  10. What is the name of the horse thief in the introduction to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Bonus: From which city/town does he come? (1)
  11. Name all the factions ruling a part of Tamriel in 4E 200.
  12. Who is the current Emperor of the Empire?
  13. Name 6 living mortals who can use the Thu'um (All six must be named). (2)
  14. What is the capital of Summerset Isles?
  15. What is the sphere of Hermaeus Mora? Bonus: What form does he take in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? (1)
  16. Quote the famous line by the Hold Guards that become a meme.
  17. Where would you find the largest graveyard in Skyrim?
  18. Name Nirn’s two moons.
  19. Who is on horseback speaking to General Tulius in the introduction?
  20. A shrine to what deity is located in every Hold Capitial in Skyrim? Bonus: Name the shrine. (2)
  21. What were the Falmer originally?
  22. Name all the provinces of Tamriel. (All must be named for the point)
  23. What is the mortal plane called?
  24. Where do the Redguard originally come from?
  25. Who was the oldest man to ever live? Bonus: To what age did he live? (2)
  26. Name all the playable races.
  27. Where do the originally Nords come from?
  28. What Khajiit sub-race is born under Masser's full phase and Secunda's new phase?
  29. What is the name of Amaun Motierre's ancestor, who appeared in a previous Elder Scrolls game?
  30. Name 3 Khajiit sub-races. Bonus: Name the most abundant in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. (2)
  31. Name all the symbols of each Hold in Skyrim. (All must be named with their Hold for the point)
  32. What were the Dunmer originally known as?
  33. Name all the deities in the Nordic Pantheon. (Their Nordic names must be used, and all must be named for the point) (2)
  34. What item is Sheogorath often depicted with?
  35. How many steps are there to the Throat of the World? Bonus: How many are there in the game? (2)
  36. Name all the Daedric Princes.
  37. Where do the Elves originally come from?
  38. Name all the names Tiber Septim goes by.
  39. What is the most Northern location in Skyrim if you are a PS3 player (*hint hint*)?
  40. What do the 8 planets represent? Bonus: What artifact has something representing the same thing as the previous answer? (4)
  41. What Khajiit sub-race is born under Masser's waxing phase and Secunda's new phase?
  42. Which provinces do not share a border with Cyrodiil?
  43. Which Elven race does not have an affinity for magic?
  44. Name the primary races from Akavir.
  45. What is the name of the Daedric Prince, worshipped by the Orcs? Bonus: What was he originally known as? (2)
  46. Name the deities in the Cyrodiilic Pantheon.
  47. Who caused the Orcs to change into their current form?
  48. Where is the first location that one can find a copy of The Book of the Dragonborn in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. (Be quite specific, in terms of exact location)
  49. Name all the Jarls of Skyrim in 4E 201 before the Dragonborn intervenes with the Civil War.
  50. Where was Ulfric Stormcloak at the time of his father’s death? Bonus: Why was he there?
  51. What is Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak also known as?
  52. Where is the site of the first battle won by Tiber Septim?
  53. When did The Great Collapse take place?
  54. Name every leader of The Companions throughout history. (All of them must be named for the point)
  55. What is the name of the assassin’s guild found primarily in Morrowind? Bonus: What does the name mean? (2)

~Jack Pistol