I just had a random thought, and I am not sure whether it has been discussed or resolved yet, so let me put it up for discussion in this blog.

If dragons' souls are immortal, and the Dovahkiin has the blood and soul of a dragon, then why is his soul not immortal?

I will quote some text from the Dragons (Lore) page: "they are ageless and immortal, with their souls enduring beyond physical death".

So, if Dragon's souls are immortal, then should the Dragonborn's soul not be so as well? We know for a fact that Dragonborns are not immortal, as the Dragonborns of the past have long since died. The Dragonborn can also be killed in the game, so that also strengthens the fact that they are mortal, and the Dragonborns of the past were not merely a hoax.

It also seems very likely that dragons are in fact immortal, or very close to that. When Alduin is killed by the Dragonborn, his soul is not absorbed and many speculate that it is due to the fact that Alduin is not truly dead, although these are simply assumptions. When the Dragonborn kills a dragon, their soul is absorbed and therefore their soul does not leave Nirn, but rather in a way moves to a new form. I am just throwing some points around here, and most is speculation. Dragons like Paarthurnax have also been alive for centuries and those who have not been around were resurrected by Alduin.


A list of possibilities from what I think is most likely to what is least likely.

  1. This is an XBox conspiracy, like Dawnguard.
  2. Dragon souls are in a sense immortal. They cannot be "destroyed" by simple methods, but rather by being absorbed by the Dragonborn (and perhaps other methods). So long as their bodies (or skeletons?) remain intact they can be resurrected and reunited with their souls, to live on (as seen in the case of Alduin bringing other dragons back to life). So perhaps the Dragonborn's soul works similarly, and that if his body remains intact he can be resurrected, as his soul will not be destroyed.
  3. I read somewhere that a common term for Dragonborn is "mortal dov", so that would mean they have the soul and blood, but not the immortality. Then again, the soul is immortal, so what happens to it? Maybe the soul is immortal?
  4. Dragons are not immortal, they just live damn long.
  5. The Dragonborn's soul never truly "dies". Perhaps it moves on to one of the next Dragonborns or remains in some form of limbo before the next Dragonborn is born. This can be questioned, as their is evidence that more than one Dragonborn may have lived at one time (the old Emperors and their heirs), but perhaps (and I am probably jumping to conclusions) because they are family they share the essence, or it is divided when giving birth to the heir? Perhaps there may be more than one soul, but if so where are the others if they are immortal?
  6. Bethesda didn't think this one through...
  7. If you have any other suggestions, let me know in the comments.

What do you think?

To avoid long-winded poll options, I will number them and you simply choose the possibility that you feel is the most likely.

HINT: The answer is number 6....

Of the possibilities mentioned above, which do you think is the correct answer?

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This is my first blog here, so please forgive me if it is sloppy or I have a few incorrect facts. Discuss this in the comments, and perhaps a few more possibilities could be added.


~Jack Pistol