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  • Jackalex13

    2 years after Bethesda released the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, people have been wondering...will there be a TES 6? I have been wondering that myself for a while. Will Tamriel be free of Aldmeri Dominion control? Will the worship of Talos be legal? Will the dragons return? Will there be...another Dragonborn? We all had a blast slaying dragons, gaining Shouts, exploring Skyrim and getting married to the most beautiful women (or handsome men) and settling down with adopted kids. 

    Anyway, back to the topic, I believe there HAS to be a TES VI. For those who are longtime TES fans, we all want an never-ending adventure. 

    What should TES VI have?


    • New weapons of course
    • Armors (duh)
    • New setting (Maybe Altmer's homeland or y…
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  • Jackalex13

    Does the Master Of The Voice really need to die.

    The Greybeard's words about the Blades is a little bit true because the Blades want to kill every dragon.

    Paarthurnax has been the mentor to the Dragonborn ever since they met.

    I wish there was an intimidation, bribe or persuade sentence in Esbern and Delphines talk bar.

    You decide if Paarthurnax dies or live.

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  • Jackalex13

    Being Dovakiin is fantastic but choosing a race can be complicated.

    Most Dovakiins are Imperials and Nords so what do you think is the most popular race for Dovakiin?

    1: Nords

    2: Imperials

    3: Bretons

    4: Redguards

    5: Orcs

    6: High Elves

    7: Wood Elves

    8: Dark Elves

    9: Argonians

    10: Khajiits

    You decide.

    My popular use for Dovakiin is Nord.

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  • Jackalex13

    What do you think?

    February 9, 2012 by Jackalex13

    I've been thinking which faction I should join in Skyrim cause in the beginning, Ralof saved me and the Imperial Legion were gonna execute me.

    Is it good to join the Stormcloaks, The true children of Skyrim who would want to have the freedom to worship Talos and restore peace.

    Is it good to join the Imperial Legion, the people who would wanted Skyrim to be part of the Empire and serve the emperor.

    You decide.....

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  • Jackalex13

    OK ya'll, there is somethin strange while I was playing Skyrim.

    When I was askin Aela or Lydia to follow me when I had no follower, they say 'Looks like you got someone with you.'

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