2 years after Bethesda released the critically acclaimed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, people have been wondering...will there be a TES 6? I have been wondering that myself for a while. Will Tamriel be free of Aldmeri Dominion control? Will the worship of Talos be legal? Will the dragons return? Will there be...another Dragonborn? We all had a blast slaying dragons, gaining Shouts, exploring Skyrim and getting married to the most beautiful women (or handsome men) and settling down with adopted kids. 

Anyway, back to the topic, I believe there HAS to be a TES VI. For those who are longtime TES fans, we all want an never-ending adventure. 

What should TES VI have?


  • New weapons of course
  • Armors (duh)
  • New setting (Maybe Altmer's homeland or yet again, Cyrodiil) 
  • New characters voiced by unexpected and famous actors as well as some old characters 
  • The return of dragons
  • MC is a descendant of the Dragonborn (from Skyrim) and thus, is another Dragonborn
  • Less bugs (for the love of god Bethesda, promise us there will be less bugs)
  • Aldmeri Dominion and the Thalmor as the main enemies
  • New shouts
  • New skills
  • New and better "kill cameras" 
  • Soothing music :') 
  • Major references to previous games 
  • New areas
  • Improved gameplay mechanics 
  • New dragon types
  • New enemies

What should TES VI be about? 


About 100 years later after the events of Skyrim, the Aldmeri Dominion became powerful over the years as well as becoming very arrogant supremacists. In fact, they became so arrogant they took credit for the downfall of Alduin, the World Eater. This act enrages the provinces of Tamriel and thus, the Empire broke off their contract/truce with the Dominion and start a war against the Dominion. 

So, the MC here is a descendant of the Dragonborn and is a member of the Imperial Legion and is stationed in Cyrodiil. The descendant is normally referred as Dragonborn or by their rank in the Legion. Anyway, during a mission, the Dragonborn gets captured by the Aldmeri Dominion and becomes a prisoner (continuing the TES tradition). The Dragonborn is then sent to a fort where he/she is to be executed. However, just as the Dragonborn is about to be executed, Odahviing, an old friend of the Dragonborn's ancestor, saves the Dragonborn and wreaks havoc to the Dominion. Finally freed, the Dragonborn escapes and meets with Odahviing outside the fort and there, the dragon explains that half the dragons are at Akavir with Paarthurnax while the other half became independant and are roaming the provinces of Tamriel. The Dragonborn then goes to the Imperial Legion headquarters and returns to battle the Dominion. Meanwhile, the Dragonborn inherits his/her ancestor's crave for adventure and exploration and thus, finds time exploring Cyrodiil. The Dragonborn will have plenty of run-ins with the Daedric Princes and will meet infamous/famous factions such as the Fighter's Guild, Thieves Guild, the Mages Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Blades and many more. Also, should the Dragonborn be a member and later leader of those factions, the Dragonborn is able to enlist their help in defeating the Aldmeri Dominion. 

I guess that's about it. Pretty long but that's what I want. What do you guys want for TES VI?